All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP15-8


In the end, Ogiue has got to do cos-play, even though she isn’t very sure of herself. She starts taking of her clothes behind Kasukabe and Ouno.

Kasukabe: ( She fell for it! )

She thumbs up.

Ouno: ( Oh, Saki… you’d be a great headhunter for porn videos if you were a man… )

Short after then, Ogiue’s just changed. She got cos-play as Renko of Kuji-Un.

Kasukabe: Oh, this is the cos-play, isn’t it?

Ouno: Yeah… ( She’s… so cute… )

She’s pretty excited in her mind but pretends as if she wasn’t so.

Kasukabe: What do you say, Ouno?

Ouno: Uh, it’s Renko-chan of Kuji-Un.

Kasukabe: Hey, come on!

Ouno: Well, I think she’s rather pretty.

Kasukabe: Pardon me?

Ouno: All right, I admit she’s so cute! Don’t pretend not hearing me.

Kasukabe: She says you’re cute and I think so, too!

Even with their compliments, Ogiue is still having mixed-feelings.

Ogiue: Uh, I just feel chilly around my legs and the fabric is cheep!

Kasukabe: Huh?

Ogiue: Neither I know anything about the character!

Ouno: Appearance is sometimes good way to start.

Kasukabe: ( You didn’t say so before… )

Ouno: It’s all good as long as you can enjoy yourself at least.

Kasukabe is relieved to see both of them getting friendly a little through the cos-play.

( to be continued )


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