All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP15-9


There’s a line of the people at the door, who have been waiting for Ouno’s cos-play to begin.

Kosaka: Sorry, we’re running a little late.

He explains to the guests.

Tanaka: Ouno, it’s about time!

He shouts into the dressing room, which makes Ogiue freak out.

Ouno: Oh, it is?

Tanaka: Have you dressed yet?

Ouno: Not yet.

Tanaka: Should I go in and give you a hand?

Ogiue: No!

Ouno: Saki and Ogiue, could you help me?

Ogiue: But I’ve got to…

Ouno: Please take off yours later.

Ogiue: Oh…

Kasukabe: Why don’t you go out and join the event as you’re, Ogi?

Ogiue: No way!

Ouno: Get me that head gear of Mos-Kos, please?

Kasukabe is relieved to see Ogiue help Ouno anyway.


Eventually her cos-play show begins. Many guests are happy to be shooting her photos but also feeling annoyed with Kuchiki who’s going across in front of them.

Sasahara: Wow, it’s really hopping in here, isn’t it?

Madarame: Ms. Yoko the Layer really deserves it.

Yoko is Ouno’s cos-player name.

Kosaka: There’s no less people who’s visiting our college festival for this.

Kugayama: I knew that on the internet.

Madarame: Oh, they finally got out there.

He finds Kasukabe and Ogiue coming out of the dressing room.

Kasukabe: Hi.

Tanaka: Oh.

She passes by the stage to Madarame.

Kasukabe: It’s huge.

Madarame: Uh, yeah, thanks to you. So, how did it go?

Kasukabe: What? Oh, yes, she did the cos-play.

Madarame: Oh, really?! She did?

Sasahara: Jeez, what was the character?

Kasukabe: It was Kuji-Un’s… what’s the name…

Ogiue: Renko Kamishakujii!

She seems very embarrassed to tell them.

Guys: Oh…

Madarame: Kamishakujii… that’s nice…

They all think Renko is just right character for Ogiue.

Ogiue: Don’t get so agreeing with that!

She doesn’t feel happy she’s well-associated with Renko.

( to be continued )


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