All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP15-10


Against all odds, Ogiue did the cos-play.

Madarame: Ugh, my Wild Soul the 1st edition… ( a book name )

Kosaka: Yes, I won!

Kasukabe: Were you guys betting?!

Ogiue: Oh, no!

Madarame: Uh, well…

Kuchiki: It’s just a joke, JOKE!

Kasukabe: It doesn’t sound funny as you say so!

She’s upset and wrings his neck to punch him.

Madarame: Stop, Kasukabe?!

Kosaka: We all counted on you.

She stops her hand.

Kosaka: We all wanted to see her cos-play.

He looks at Ogiue’s face, who’s pouting a little, though.

Kosaka: Because you were so great in your cos-play before, Saki.

Looking at her boyfriend’s happy face, she finally lets Kuchiki go.

Kasukabe: So, which you bet on, Kosaka?

Kosaka: Of course I bet on Ogiue wearing, and so did Tanaka.

Kasukabe: Then, who didn’t?

The rest of guys raise their hands. Ogiue feels pretty embarrassed again knowing the result.

Kasukabe: Fool guys. Only Kosaka did know well, after all! So, what is the prize for the winner?

Madarame: Wild Soul!

Sasahara: A prize of Harahoro

In this case, his prize refers some kind of small goods you can get at arcades. Anyway, these are no use for Kasukabe.

Kasukabe: Uh, and plus, buy my drinks at the bar, OK?

Kugayama: Why for you, Kasukabe?

Kasukabe: Because Kosaka’s win is also my win!

Kuchiki: Nice Gianism!

It’s a forged word came from the behavior of Gian, which is the name of one of the characters of Draemon. He’s a typical bully and often claims “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is also mine”.


Just then, a clamor sounds from Ouno’s stage. She’s just changed costumes as a vise-president of Kuji-Un. The guests are all excited at her new cos-play.

Kugayama: Oh, her nice vise president…

Madarame: Now I wish I could really see Ogiue’s Renko-tan!

Sasahara: Maybe you should have on the stage as well, Ogiue?

Ogiue: No way!

Kasukabe: The main goal today is reconstructing their relationship, Ogiue and Ouno, so the cos-play was just the method for that, right?

She walks up to Madarame and explains it to him.

Madarame: Yeah, I know.

Kasukabe: I’ve seen Ogiue do the cos-play in the end, even though she was saying she wouldn’t, so you guys may have a good luck, someday.

Madarame: Someday…

Sasahara: What did you think of doing cos-play yourself?

Ogiue: It really sucked! I learned I should never do it again!

He looks so disappointed by her answer.

Kasukabe: I hope it works out a little for them at least…

She looks at Ouno and Ogiue’s faces in turns. Maybe her wish becomes true someday.

( to be continued )


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