All different kinds of OTAKU

Genshiken EP15-11


The preview for the next episode.

Sasahara: What’s the matter, Ouno? You don’t look happy, do you?

Ouno: Kuji-Un has finished. Now, what should I do?

Sasahara: I know. Maybe we won’t have a Kuji-Un conference anymore, either.

Ouno: I’ll sure miss it!

Ogiue: I don’t know why you’re so committed to that.

Ouno: Oh, yeah?

Madarame: “Big laughing” Don’t be sorry, you guys!

All: Huh?

Madarame: Because Ritsuko Kettenkrad, Chihiro Enomoto and Tokino Akiyama, they will be living in your hearts forever! Their journey has just begun!

Ouno: Ah…

Madarame: Uh, did I fall flat…?

His line is too old to be used anymore nowadays unless you want to be funny.



“An urgent announcement”

Tanaka: They said it’s been set in stone that Genshiken the 2nd season was going to be made.

Kugayama: They do it again? What kind of story?

Tanaka: I’m not sure. It’s supposed to be about Comi-Fes and we join it as a circle.

Kugayama: Then I might have more exposures.

Tanaka: Maybe yes. You’re the only one who draw pictures.

Kugayama: Yeah.

Tanaka: And we’ll also have a new character from Pretty Menma ~An angel of Ramen*~.

Kugayama: You mean that big tits with long black hair? You really love big tits, right?

Tanaka: Uh, I’m not saying so…

Kugayama: Anyway you’ll have to wait and see it.

*Pretty Menma: Another in-anime animation series of Genshiken just like Kuji-Un, although Kuji-Un was actually re-created into one seaon animation.


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