All different kinds of OTAKU



“Welcome to Wagnaria♪ Takanashi works.”

It’s a funny story about the people who work in a restaurant named Wagnaria.

A short waitress comes up to you when you enter the restaurant.

Popura: Welcome to our restaurant. Which do you like smoking or not?

Customer: Smoking, please.

Popura: Sure, please come this way.

A tall man’s cooking in the kitchen.

Sato: Hey, it’s coming up.

Another waitress comes to take the dishes.

Yachiyo: All right, I’ll take it to table 8.

Sato: Wait, can’t I get on the order of hamburger for table 5 yet?

Yachiyo: Ah, sorry, I’ll make it sure on my way, too.

Sato: It’s been pretty busy today, eh?

Yachiyo: I know. We sometimes run short of hands these days. Mrs. Kyoko said she was hiring another staff.

There’s an another man cooking in the kitchen.

Soma: New staff? Which do you like the new staff men or women, Sato?

Sato: I don’t care as long as they work hard.

Soma: Oh, yeah? I don’t care, either. I’d like them to be interesting, though.

Sato: Whatever. Get back and finish the next dish.

Soma: All right. The fries will be done in 17 seconds.

Sato: OK.

There’s a boy walking on the street away from the restaurant.

Takanashi: Ahchoo! I’m coming down with a cold…?

In Japanese folklore, it’s implying that someone is talking about him.

Back to the restaurant, in the office room.

Popura: What? Me?!

Kyoko: I’ll count on you.

Popura: Oh, no…

Inami: Are you all right, Taneshima? She told you to find new staff.

Popura: Yeah, I’m fine. I’ll ask my friends at school first. Maybe I’d have to ask people on the street after then. Would you help me, Inami?

Inami: Uh, I… I can ask my friends but… I couldn’t ask people on the street, I’m afraid…

For some reason, she’s terribly scared of doing that.

Popura: Ah, I see there’s a lot of men downtown.

Inami: Yes, I’m sorry…

Popura: No worry! I’ll do my best!

In the hall.

Yachiyo: Here’s your dish, ma’am.

As she’s serving, there’s another customer comes in the restaurant.

Yachiyo: Welcome to our restaurant!

( to be continued )


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