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Popura asks around her friends if they want to work in Wagnaria since she was told to find new staff by the manager. Unfortunately, she hasn’t had any luck at school, so she goes to a large street then. Despite her effort, she can’t find anyone who wants to have a job at the restaurant and it even starts snowing. When she turns to the back road, she bumps into a boy. He’s pretty surprised at her.

Popura: Would… would you like to work?

She looks so pity because she’s very short and is even shivering with the cold.

Takanashi: Are you all right? Where are your parents?

Popura: My parents?

Takanashi: Yes, your father and mother.

Popura: ( Ah, he must be suspicious of me headhunting without identifying myself! )

They’re getting their wires crossed from here, which is so funny.

Popura: My father is a public employee and my father is a homemaker!

Takanashi: Oh, I didn’t ask that ( so cute… ). OK, shall we go to the police box near here?

Popura: ( Oh, is he assuming me a lost child?! ) No, no, I’m trying to find a new hand for our restaurant! Would you like to work with us?

Takanashi: Yeah? So, do you wanna us to make believe that we’re woking in a restaurant? Oh, please give me a break…

Popura: Oh, no! ( Jeez, he’s completely wrong with me but I wouldn’t be able to catch another one and he looks so gentle… )

She looks pretty younger than she really is because of her height.

Popura: I’m Popura Taneshima! A high school student, 17 years old!

She shows him her school uniform under her coat and her school ID.


Takanashi: Huh, a high school student?!

For some reason he suddenly changes his air. He even looks mad at her now, which she’s scared of.

Popura: Uh, so, I’ve been asking people if they’d like to work with us…

Takanashi: ( Seeing her uniform and ID, she must be a senpai ( a general term referring older people in an organization ) of the same high school! Is she really older than me as she looks?! Hmm, she’s very cute even though she’s turned 12 already. Is that possible? )

Just then, she gives out a cute sneeze, which helps him be convinced.

Takanashi: ( Yes, it is! ) All right, I’ll work there.

Popura: Really?!

Takanashi: Yes!

So, even involving a small misunderstanding, she succeeded in getting a new staff.

( to be continued )


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