All different kinds of OTAKU



Somewhere in Hokkaido. Family Restaurant Wagnaria. Takanashi is greeting the manager on the first day at work.

Takanashi: So, I’m starting to work here since today. I’m Sota Takanashi, 16 yeas old. My name’s often misread like “Shouchouyu” or “Kotoriasobi” but “Takanashi” is correct.

His family name is “小鳥遊” in Kanji. It’s not very common name so even for the most of native Japanese, it’s not very easy to read correctly. That’s why he needed to explain it first.

Manager: Hm, hm.

Popura: I’m Popura Taneshima! My parents named me to grow up like a big poplar!

Takanashi: A poplar…

She’s very energetic to introduce herself to him and explains her name’s origin, although, seeing her height, it still seems to take long before her parents’ wish become true…

Popura: I’m one year older than you so feel free to ask me whatever you don’t understand!

She raises her hand as high as she can, which barely reaches his head.

Takanashi: ( So cute! )

Popura: We both have a little odd names but let’s not mistake our names, Katanashi!

Takanashi: ( You’ve already mistaken! )

Since then, she’ll keep mistaking his name as Katanashi…

Kyoko: I’m Kyoko Shirafuji, the manager of the restaurant. You’ll meet other staff later by Taneshima, OK?

Popura: Sure, leave it to me!

Takanashi: ( She’s the manager… looks a little scary… )

Kyoko: Takanashi or Katanashi, either way, I won’t give you any advice about your job, got it?

Takanashi: So, do you mean that I’d have to learn myself by watching how other staff doing?

Kyoko: No, I know little about the job since I don’t like working.

Takanashi: Um…

Popura: So, please ask me all about your job!

Kyoko: Right. I’ll leave it to you, Taneshima.

Popura: I got it!

She leaves the room.

Takanashi: Well, she’s astounding, isn’t she?

Popura: Oh, yeah? Anyway, I’m so relieved, Katanashi.

Takanashi: Why?

Popura: We had no response to our help-wanted and I didn’t have any luck with my friends, either. I was put in charge of finding new staff since the manager told me to do!

He remembers the time when he first met her on the street.

Takanashi: That was so sweet.

Popura: What? Anyway, it was a good coincidence of us meeting there. I hope you’ll enjoy this job with me, Katanashi!

Takanashi: Uh, senpai

Popura: Yeah?

Takanashi: In fact, I’m Takanashi, not Katanashi.

She gets panicked knowing that she’s been mistaking his name.

Popura: Ah, I’m so sorry, Ta.. Ka… Katanashi, um, Taka… KATANASHI!

Takanashi: ( It’s all good. )

She can’t speak his name correctly but he’s just satisfied with looking at her cute way.

( to be continued )


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