All different kinds of OTAKU



Popura tells Takanashi to apologize to Kyoko.

Popura: Go quick and apologize to her!

Takanashi: I got it!

They find the manager walking through the aisle in the dining room when a customer calls her to stop.

Woman: Excuse me?

Kyoko: Yes?

Woman: It’s been too warm in here. Couldn’t you do better on that?

Kyoko: Then, go outside and burn off your ugly fat!

Woman: What?!

Just as soon as she’s finished her words, Takanashi and Popura show up.

Takanashi: Oh, sorry, madam!

Popura: Please give us a minute?

They take Kyoko back in the counter.

Takanashi: I can’t believe you were trying to go against the customer!

Popura: You should’ve told her you’d just tweak the heater!

Kyoko: I’m not blamed.

Popura: Please act like the manager!

Takanashi: Better yet, please serve the customers in the professional way!

Popura: The bad rumor might spread unless you correct yourself!

Kyoko: It wouldn’t be nice leaking outside… All right, then…

Takanashi: Then?

Kyoko: Get her thrown into the refrigerator!

Popura: Oh, no!

Takanashi: “Sigh” I’ll offer her something cold.

He serves an iced tea to the woman.

Woman: What’s this?

Takanashi: I’m sorry, madam. This is our expression of our apology and we also turned down the heater a little. Please let us know if you still feel hot in a minute.

He politely gives her an apology, although he’s such clueless about Kyoko.

Woman: Oh, I didn’t mean it, I appreciate it, though. Well, I feel much cooler than it was. Thank you.

Takanashi: You’re welcome. Please let us know if you have any problems with our restaurant again.

On the way to the backyard, he thinks to himself.

Takanashi: ( I’ll never count on the manager again! )

Soma: You, well done!

He and Sato speak to Takanashi when he’s back.

Takanashi: Hi, is the manager always like that?

Soma: Yes, she is.

Sato: Yup.

Takanashi: “Sigh…”

Just then, they hear someone screaming.

( to be continued )


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