All different kinds of OTAKU



The manager literally kicked out the bad-mannered customers, where he takes her cellphone.

Takanashi: Soma told me to get you this, manager.

Kyoko: OK.

She starts dialing somewhere.

Takanashi: Are you calling to the police? Oh, I’m not sure. That should make the matter more serious..

She speaks into the phone anyway.

Kyoko: Hey, get all money away from the guys who just walked out of our restaurant, got it?

In spite of calling the police, she makes some dangerous command.

Takanashi: What?!

Kyoko: No problem. I’ve got some handy young men around.

Takanashi: ( Who are you, manager?! )

Soma: “Laughs” I bet Takanashi’s going to have it tough here, isn’t he?

Sato: Yup.

Kyoko: Don’t worry. They should make it without committing a crime.

Takanashi: ( What crime… )

Popura: But aren’t you going too far, Kyoko?

Kyoko: No, they insulted you calling you a shorty, even though you’re a hard worker.

Takanashi: ( She seems to have the sense of responsibilities to defend employees at least? )

Kyoko: …They called me a witch, too!

Takanashi: Uh, manager?

Apparently the point that she’s upset with isn’t the same as he thinks.

Kyoko: A witch, they said a witch…

She repeats the word in her mouth.

Popura: Are you all right, Kyoko?

Takanashi: ( Is that the point?! )

Anyway, he thinks it’s a good time to apologize to her.

Takanashi: Uh, manager…?

Kyoko: What?

Takanashi: You know, I’m sorry what I said to you about your age. I realized you’re rather younger than your age.

Kyoko: You see?

Takanashi: Sure, you’re just like a kid.

He hurts her feelings, again.

Popura: Oh, Katanashi…

She’s at a loss how he can be so clueless. Anyway, he finds a minor change with his shift table after then.

Takanashi: Well, I’ve got a day off next week…

Apparently, Kyoko has forgiven him a very, very little.

( to be continued )


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