All different kinds of OTAKU



One day afternoon, in Wagnaria.

Takanashi: Sorry to keep you waiting.

They’re working busy as usual when a girl comes in the staff room. She starts changing into the uniform.

Yachiyo: Can you take one of the stocks from the backyard?

Takanashi: OK. I know they’re put on the high shelves.

Yachiyo: Yes, I’m afraid to ask you this…

He’s rather scared by her Katana.

Takanashi: N… no problem…

Having taken a box from the backyard, he takes a quick look at the shift table on the way back to the kitchen.

Takanashi: ( Oh, it seems today I’m going to work with Inami for the first time. What is she like? )

Just then, she shows up through the door.

Takanashi: Hi, are you Inami? Nice to meet…

Mahiru: Eek!!

She suddenly punches in his face before he finishes saying hello.

Mahiru: A man!!!

Her scream even hears to the kitchen and the diner.

Sato: What?

Soma: It sounds like she did that again.

Inami: A MAAAN!!!

Takanashi: ( What’s happening?! )

Hearing her scream, Popura hurries to the office, where she finds Takanashi bleeding on the floor.

Popura: Katanashi, are you all right?!

Takanashi: Senpai… I think so… ouch!

Popura: Hey, Inami, calm down!

She gets to herself.

Mahiru: I’m scared!

Takanashi: ( It’s you who’s scary!! )

Yachiyo: What’s the matter, Mahiru?

She gets there behind Popura.

Mahiru: A MAN, here’s a man, Yachiyo!!

Yachiyo: Oh, he’s Takanashi, just started working with us recently…

Mahiru: Here’s a man, dangerous! He might have some weapon!

Hiding behind Yachiyo, she’s trembling for fear as well as rattling Yachiyo’s Katana, which is a pretty dangerous weapon of course.

Yachiyo: You’re so afraid of men, aren’t you?

Takanashi: ( A weapon?! No kidding… )


Yachiyo: I’ll introduce her to you, Takanashi. She’s Mahiru Inami, an androphobia.

Inami is too scared to even say hello to him.

Yachiyo: She might attack men when she’s too scared. So, take care of yourself not to be killed.

Takanashi: Oh, she could kill me?!

Yachiyo: Yeah, despite her look, she’s pretty strong. But how come it happened? I was told by Kyoko that she’d never put both of you in the same day since that could kill you.

The manager shows up there at last and looks into the shift table she made.

Kyoko: Huh? Is Inami on the job today? Oh, I made a mistake.

Yachiyo: Oh, man.

Takanashi: Hey!! ( It turned out the casual restaurant, where I was brought by cute petite senpai then started to work, is full of weird people. Even struggling, I was finally getting used to the job when Inami, who’s an androphobia, appeared and now she’s even threatening my life! Oh, jeez! How can an average citizen like me stand for it? But I won’t give up working with cute petite senpai… )

Kyoko: Hey, you must be a loli-com, after all?

Takanashi: No, I’m not! Let’s say, I’m a mini-com who loves tiny things, if you will!

Popura: You’re enough weird, too, Katanashi…

The days he works with the weird people in the restaurant Wagnaria have just started.


The quick preview part.

Takanashi: The next episode is… ugh, I’m screwed up…

Popura: Are you all right?

Takanashi: I think I am. What kind of person Inami is, after all?

Popura: She’s a very nice girl!

Takanashi: Give me a break! The next episode is ” Inami, she’s an androphobia. Since I’m scared.” Oh, no excuse!!

Popura: W… what?! S… see you next time!


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