All different kinds of OTAKU



“Inami, she’s an androphobia. Since I’m scared.”

I’m Sota Takanashi. I somehow started to work at the casual restaurant named Wagnaria, where I met Inami who can’t help attacking men automatically because of her androphobia and I was beaten up by her even before hellos. It was outrageous already but, this is what I can’t stand for the most, it was happened by that witch manager, who put our work shifts into the same hours by mistake!

So he starts arguing with the manager.

Takanashi: Please don’t make casual mistakes that could kill me!

Kyoko: You know, it’s about time for Inami to get used to men.

Mahiru: What?!

Takanashi: It’s just your mistake, isn’t it?!

Kyoko: Huh.

Mahiru: Oh, I can’t! Males… males are all violent!!

Takanashi: ( You can’t say that… )

Kyoko: Yeah, that’s right.

Takanashi: ( Neither you can! ) Anyway, I wonder how you can work here like that, Inami? There’re also guys in the kitchen and male customers.

Mahiru: I’ve been working long so I can do my job!

Popura: ( I’m worried about Katanashi… )

He’ll find it out soon at the kitchen.

Sato: Ramen’s up. Serve it, Inami.

He puts it on the counter so she can take but she wouldn’t come to him easily. She even starts some self-hypnosis.

Mahiru: That’s a woman, woman…

Apparently, she’s trying to believe him a woman.

Sato: “Sigh” All right, I’m a woman, so take it and go anyway.

She speaks like a woman.

Takanashi: Is that really OK…?

She finally takes the ramen to the table, where she knows the customer is a man.

Mahiru: T… thanks for waiting…

The man feels a little strange with her behaving.

Mahiru: …I can’t take this anymore!

Man: Hey, my ramen!

She turns back to the kitchen before serving the customer.

Mahiru: I couldn’t make it! I just managed not to hit him!

Sato: She’s always like this.

Takanashi: Just I thought. By the way, could you stop speaking like woman, Sato?

Sato: OK, I’ll leave it to you.

Takanashi: Well, I’ll serve it, then.

Seeing Inami crying, he knows she can’t finish her job at the moment.

( to be continued )


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