All different kinds of OTAKU



Takanashi sighs looking at his watch.

Sato: What’s up? Are you finishing today?

Takanashi: No, I’m not, but you know it’s about time…

He seems to be worried about something, where someone walking down to him clacking the floor.

Mahiru: Good morning, Takanashi!

Greeting him, striking his stomach, clocking in, then she leaves.

Takanashi: The appearance of the brute…

Sato: Oh, I see.

Then, he kept meeting disasters during his work that day.

Yachiyo: Thank you for waiting. Here’s your hamburger steak.

When he was carrying a box, he wasn’t seeing his way and happened to meet her.

Mahiru: Yeeek!!

He got hit by her.

Popura: Here’s your ice-cream soda.

When he came to the diner to serve coffee, he bumped into her who’s also mopping the floor.

Mahiru: Yeeek! A guy!

He just managed to save the coffee pot from getting broken by her.

Yachiyo: Here’s your cheesy gratin. Please take care not to be burned.

When he was back in the staff room for a break, Inami, who was also happened to be there, knocked him down at sight.

Takanashi: Inami, you can use violence of 10 people, even though you can work as half as the next guy!

Mahiru: But, you know…

He walks out of the room swearing her, where Popura comes in instead.

Popura: You shouldn’t hit Katanashi such many times, Inami!

Mahiru: But, I’m scared of man…

Popura: I feel sorry about him being beaten like that, even though he looks rather tough.

Mahiru: But, I can’t help hitting him just saying hello… Well, Katanashi…? Isn’t he Takanashi?

Popura: You’re right, Katanashi.

She still believes herself being able to telling his correct name but Inami gets totally confused.

Mahiru: ( Oh, I may have been wrong with his name…? )

But they don’t know it leads to another misfortune…

( to be continued )


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