All different kinds of OTAKU



Inami got the doubt about Takanashi’s correct name in the conversation with Popura, so she decided to ask him so that she could make it sure.

Takanashi: I got it. I’ll do this way next time.

Sato: OK, you will.

Apparently they’ve been talking about their job by the kitchen.

Mahiru: ( I’ve been thinking Takanashi is right, but Taneshima was different. In fact, his name is rather difficult to read… )

She asks him timidly behind the corner.

Mahiru: Uh, are you Ka… Katanashi…?

Takanashi: Inami, my name is Takanashi! Don’t mess it up!

He looks so upset that he even points knives at her, who gets very scared of him.

Takanashi: How rude you are messing up my name!

Mahiru: I… I’m so sorry…

Where Popura comes in.

Popura: Hi, Katanashi!

Inami is shocked to see him not get upset with Popura even calling him Katanashi.

Popura: I tried to put some coffee into the machine but I couldn’t reach. Would you do it for me?

Takanashi: Sure, Senpai! Don’t worry, I’ll do it later myself!

Just as soon as he smiles back to Popura, Inami runs in, hitting him, then runs away.

Mahiru: You’re so mean!!

Popura: What’s the matter, Inami?!

She runs after her.

Takanashi: Ouch… Why I’ve got to be beaten by her now?!

Back in the store room, the walls are shaking because Inami is hitting on them hard.

Mahiru: What a jerk!!

Popura: Uh, Inami…

She’s a bit scared of the cracks on the wall Inami hit.

Mahiru: I want to know what makes Katanashi be nicer to me…

Popura: Well…

Mahiru: How could it be possible while I’m trying to walk up to him!

Popura: ( Oh, she’s walking up to him…? )

Mahiru: Do you know why?

Popura: Um, maybe because you hit him? Oh, I know you’ve been trying so hard like saying hello to him from you!

Mahiru: Yes, that’s right! I’m trying as hard as I can even though I don’t like him but he isn’t at all! Actually, I still get nervous every time! Say, “Oh, yes, I was able to talk to him 3 times today!” or “I was able to pull my punch even though I couldn’t avoid hitting him!” Like this, I’m thinking of him all the time!

Popura: Oh… I didn’t know that… ( Well, I feel like she’s telling me about her love… )

Mahiru: He’s so fond to you, though.

Popura: Um, you know, he loves tiny things.

Mahiru: Tiny things?

Popura: Yes, so maybe because I am tiny… No! I’m not tiny!

She’s upset telling it herself.

Popura: Anyway, small things are for him.

Mahiru: Come to think of it, I may have heard of him talking about the age over 12…

Popura: That’s right.

Mahiru: Then, I’ve just got to be a shorty, baby-faced schoolchild like you!

Popura is about to cry to hear that.


Mahiru: Oh, I didn’t mean it! I know you aren’t a child since… yes, you have much bigger breasts than me!

They feel down at their each comment.

Popura: Oh, Inami…

Mahiru: Anyway, I could take the lead if I suit myself to his taste!

Popura: ( Taking the lead?! )

Mahiru: I could win him if I became smaller!

Popura: Hey, what do you want winning him…?

Mahiru: ( Become smaller…? )

Popura: ( Oh… )

Both: ( How could? )

They’re both confused in the end.

Popura: Maybe I’m not helping you very much.

Mahiru: Oh, yes, you are! I’ll never give up! I’ll become his type then get his attention!

Popura: I’m impressed you’re so determined, so maybe you like him in fact?

Mahiru: No, I really hate him.

Then, she tends to think of small things even when she finds a line of ants.

Mahiru: Oh, tiny…

( to be continued )


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