All different kinds of OTAKU



Popura and Inami have been absorbed in chatting for a while.

Popura: There, there, Inami. Keep up!

Mahiru: Yes…

There’s the one who’s been looking for them.

Yachiyo: ( You two, please get back to work! )

But she can’t tell them out loud.

Sato: ( Todoroki, you go back to work, too. Don’t be just watching them. )

Since the most of waitress are off the diner at the moment, Maya Matsumoto, who’s the only one left there, has been so busy serving customers. By the way, her name hasn’t been identified so far, but unfortunately, it will take long before she gets on the stage.


Whether or not she’s supposed to do, Kyoko often takes a sweets break that was offered by Yachiyo.

Kyoko: Yachiyo.

Yachiyo: Yes, Kyoko?

She looks so happy about Kyoko just calling her name.

Kyoko: Is there something left of my job?

Yachiyo: Well, it’s about time to change the monthly goal.

Kyoko: Ah…

This month’s goal is “Put things in order”, which was thought by Yachiyo.

Kyoko: ( Bothering… )

Actually, it is her job to think of it.

Kyoko: I’ll leave it to you, Yachiyo.

Yachiyo: Sure! Oh, she’s so cool…

Takanashi: ( I can’t see… )

She’s rather difficult to understand when it comes to Kyoko.

( to be continued )


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