All different kinds of OTAKU



It’s a closing time of Wagnaria. The staff is ending day’s work.

Popura: We’re finally done today, Katanashi.

Takanashi: Yes, senpai! It’s been pretty busy today.

Popura: I know. It wasn’t very usual.

They put garbage outside.

Takanashi: I wonder why people want to come to such a weird restaurant, by the way.

Popura: Oh, we actually have some regular customers, though.

Takanashi: I wouldn’t come if I was.

Popura: Really? So, I was once told about it by them.

Takanashi: What’s that?

Popura: You know, it’s an addictive thrill!

Takanashi: ( Uh, it’s not the word for casual restaurants… )

Just then, Inami runs into them then…

Mahiru: Eeeek!!

No surprise, she hits him hard.

Takanashi: ( I wouldn’t get addicted!! )

Popura: Oh, my, Katanashi!!

Mahiru: I… I’m sorry!!

Sato: Are you still alive, Takanashi?

Kyoko: Yachiyo, I want another parfait.

Yachiyo: Sure, right now!

The day of Wagnaria is ending like this. Then, a few days later…


Popura: Please, Katanashi.

Takanashi: What’s up, senpai?

She pulls him to the storeroom.

Popura: I know how harsh it is for you to be beaten by Inami but I don’t want you to be cold to her!

Takanashi: Uh…

Popura: She’s a very nice girl and has a strong sense of responsibility, too!

He seems to nod at her.

Popura: ( Oh, he got it a little! )

But he’s actually thinking of completely different things.

Takanashi: ( Senpai is always tiny and cute. I’ve been able to keep this job because of her. ) I see, I’ll do my best as you say so.

Popura: You will? Good!

Takanashi: ( Happy senpai is also cute… )

Popura: Give her complements on any little things and she’d be happy.

He suddenly seems to be sick.

Popura: What?

Takanashi: A compliment for non-small things…? I’ve got a stomachache just thinking of that…

Popura: So much?!

Takanashi: But I’ll do my best for you, senpai…

( to be continued )


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