All different kinds of OTAKU



Being told by Popura, Takanashi is reluctant to go to Inami to compliment her.

Takanashi: Um, Inami…

She stops her hands drying glasses.

Mahiru: Y… yes?

Popura is watching them by the wall, by the way.

Takanashi: Um, well, you look kind of cute today…

Mahiru: What?!

She’s pretty surprised at his words.

Takanashi: …With your hairpin…

He complimented her not on herself but her small hairpin. No surprise, she knocks him down at the next moment and runs off.

Popura: Ah…

He stands up on his last legs.

Takanashi: …Hey, she isn’t nice at all…

Popura: I’m sure it was your fault, Katanashi!

She hurries to Inami to take care of her.

Popura: Listen Inami, he said like that just because he wanted to be a friend with you. He didn’t mean it!

But Inami looks very upset.

Popura: ( I wish they’ll become friends but it might be tough… )

Just then, Inami starts saying something.

Popura: Yes?

Mahiru: I… I was complimented! I was too surprised to stop hitting him…!

After all, she feels pretty better with his good words.

Popura: ( …It might be much easier than I thought… )


The next episode.

Takanashi: The next episode’s trailer! Uh, senpai, it’s about the chief…

Popura: You mean Yachiyo?

Takanashi: Why is she having that all the time?

Popura: What’s that?

Takanashi: You must know that!

Popura: I know that??

Takanashi: Come on, senpai… The next episode is “Yachiyo, Kyoko, Sato, and Otoh returned” Oh, who’s that?

Popura: Au lait!

*In Japanese, are stands for that. Popura is just playing words in this dialog.


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