All different kinds of OTAKU



“Yachiyo, Kyoko, Sato, and Otoh returned”

Inami is taking orders from the customers.

Woman A: Well, I’ll have a hamburg set.

Woman B: A mixed fries set for me, please.

Mahiru: Anything else?

Women: No.

Mahiru: Sure. Please wait a while.

She keeps the best smiles and courtesies while she’s waiting on them.

Takanashi: Huh…?

He’s watching her over the counter. Inami is stopped by another customer on the way to the kitchen.

Woman C: Waiter?

Mahiru: Can I help you.

Takanashi: Who’s that?

Popura: What? She’s Inami, you know.

There Inami gets back.

Takanashi: Inami?

Mahiru: W… what?!

She’s a little surprised being suddenly stopped by him.

Takanashi: You served female customers without any flaws, didn’t you?

Mahiru: S… so what do you mean?

Takanashi: You know, I was just impressed by you. Maybe you care for women?

Mahiru: Oh!

Popura: Hey, Katanashi!

He asks her sexual orientation.

Mahiru: Uh, no, I’d prefer men normally…

Takanashi: Then, you’re into men?

Mahiru: No, I don’t like men you know! Oh, wait?!

She gets confused saying it herself.

Takanashi: You know, I was just thinking if there’s any way that you could wait on male customers just as you do on women. So, will you hit kids if only they’re male?

Mahiru: Oh?!

He just wants to figure it out but his question makes her more confused.

Takanashi: And how about older people?

Mahiru: I… I’m keeping away from them as much as I can…

Takanashi: How about gays? The opposite of them?

Mahiru: Stop the difficult questions! How can I say, I… I go by my instinct!

Popura: ( Oh, Inami… )

Takanashi: ( By instinct…? )

They’re both tongued-tied.

Mahiru: I’ve been taught that men are all scary since I was a child so it’s been almost my second nature.

Takanashi: How about your families? Say, your father?

Mahiru: He’s working away from our family and hasn’t been back yet…

Takanashi: ( He must be defending himself… )

Popura: But you’ve been talking to Katanashi normally these days, right?

Mahiru: Really?! My efforts paid off?

Takanashi: Uh, I’ve actually got to bleed more instead…

Mahiru: I’ll keep trying to fix my androphobia! I feel Takanashi is a bit different than other men. He’s easy to hit, too!

Saying so, she begins shadowboxing.

Takanashi: Uh, don’t you just want to hit men, not an androphobia, Inami…?

( to be continued )


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