All different kinds of OTAKU



Takanashi suddenly looks at the dinning area hearing a specific sound while he is talking to Popura and Inami.

Takanashi: To tell the truth, there’s someone who I’ve been interested in.

Girls: Oh?!

Takanashi: I can’t even sleep thinking of her.

Popura: Her? So, you mean you’re in love with her??

Takanashi: No, it’s not like that. The chief, Yachiyo, she’s something different, isn’t she?

Popura: Oh, Yachiyo, yeah, she certainly is.

Takanashi: Hmm, hmm.

Popura: She’s beautiful and very kind, and a hard worker as well.

Mahiru: She’s got a nice shape with big breasts but wouldn’t hit anyone. I’m jealous of her!

Takanashi: Uh, that’s not the point. I mean her katana at her side! Why is she always having such a thing?

Girls: Huh?

They both seem to be puzzled at his question.

Popura: I’ve never thought of that.

Mahiru: Maybe she likes katana?

Takanashi: She can’t do only because she likes it!

Kyoko: Aren’t you armed with something in general?

Suddenly she shows up behind them.

Takanashi: Oh, no!

Kyoko: Like a nail’d baseball bat?

Takanashi: So did you own one…?

Just there Yachiyo passes by.

Kyoko: Hey, Yachiyo.

Yachiyo: Yes, Kyoko?

Kyoko: I got hungry.

Yachiyo: I’m on it!

She offers her a parfait in a moment.

Kyoko: A great quick job of you, Yachiyo.

Takanashi: (… I’m… curious… )

He can’t help getting concerned with her katana while Yachiyo is just being happy with Kyoko.

Kyoko: It was very good.

Yachiyo: Thank you!

Kyoko: Hey, Takanashi, don’t be a nitpicker. Just work harder, right?

She leaves just having sweets.

Yachiyo: Oh, she’s so cool…

Takanashi: ( She’s come here for a parfait, not for her job, after all… )

Sato: Hey, guys. Don’t use our food on your own.

Yachiyo: But I have to take care of Kyoko…

Sato: Serve the customers first. Here you go, the rest of guys, too.

He puts some dishes on the counter.

Popura: Sure. Let’s go, Inami!

Mahiru: Y… yes.

Yachiyo: Sato, please don’t make parfait for Kyoko if she asks you. It’s my job to take care of her!

Sato: I won’t. You’d better go.

Yachiyo: Thank you! I’m off now!

Sato: And so you do, Takanashi. Go to the hall.

Takanashi: ( Sato, he’s a normal person! )

Among the weird people, maybe including himself, Takanashi finally found out a regular person named Sato. But is his guess to be right?

( to be continued )


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