All different kinds of OTAKU



Takanashi is talking to Sato at a break time.

Takanashi: I’d like to ask you about the chief.

Sato: Todoroki?

Takanashi: Yes. Can you do something about her katana? Our customers look scared, too.

The diners who Yachiyo is waiting on at the moment actually look scared at her katana.

Yachiyo: Cheesy hamburger set and ginger pork saute. Here you go. Please take care not to be burned with the hot plate.

Man: Uh, excuse me…

Yachiyo: Yes?

Her katana rattles as she moves.

Man: Oh, nothing!

Yachiyo: Would you like your coffee after the meal?

Man: S… sure!

As Takanashi says her katana makes their guest frightened, after all.

Takanashi: The manager and else doesn’t seem to much care about that but isn’t it strange? She also makes too much parfait for the manager, doesn’t she?

Sato: Yeah, I know but it’s no use telling her.

Takanashi: Why not?

Sato: I heard both has been continued since she was in a grade school.

A narration begins by Yachiyo.

Yachiyo: It was about 10 years ago. When I was in grade school, I would be teased for some reason.

Small Yachiyo was attending to class with her katana putting in her backpack, which was obviously the reason for her trouble.

Boy A: What’s your katana? Are you a fool, Todoroki?

Small Yachiyo: Oh, no!

Boy B: It’s dangerous, eh?!

She was being bullied on the way to school.

Yachiyo: It was Kyoko, the hero of justice, who appeared there!


Actually, she has a nailed baseball bat, wearing a mask on her face which is somewhat strangely printed “Overeat Overdrink” and dressed in old-fashioned school uniform.

Boy A: What decade of gang you are?!

Boy B: Are you interfering with a kid’s fight?! Should I call for the police, old lady?

She’s especially mad at him calling her an old lady.

Yachiyo: Then, Kyokyo did… the bullies.

Takanashi: Has she done something you can’t talk?!

Anyway, she get the bullies away.

Young Kyoko: Don’t behave like a kid, kids.

S. Yachiyo: Oh, you’re so cool! Thank you for saving me!

Y. Kyoko: Hey, you know…

She demands Yachiyo by gesture.

S. Yachiyo: I don’t have money…

Y. Kyoko: Don’t you have your lunch bread left?

S. Yachiyo: Uh…?


Lucky for her, Yachiyo happened to have one. They moved to the near park and Kyoko started eating her bread.

Y. Kyoko: Are you bullied?

S. Yachiyo: Yes…

Y. Kyoko: All right. It must be a fate. This young lady will beat them all for you. So, give me the bread you left, right?

S. Yachiyo: Sure!!

Suddenly two young men run up to her.

Man A: Hey, Kyoko! We can get you something to eat when you’re hungry!

Man B: Please don’t beg a kid for anything!

Kyoko disappeared being carried by her men.

S. Yachiyo: She’s so cool…

It was the story how Yachiyo met Kyoko.

( to be continued )


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