All different kinds of OTAKU



Yachiyo finished telling her story how she met Kyoko.

Yachiyo: I’ve been along with Kyoko ever since then.

Takanashi: Oh, chief, when did you come here? Uh, please don’t look back on yourself, by the way!

Anyway he comes to the point.

Takanashi: You know, it’s all about your katana.

Yachiyo: Oh, is it? I’m embarrassed. You might see me strange. Actually, my parent is running a cutlery store.

Takanashi: Oh, I see…?

Yachiyo: From kitchen knives to katana, Todoroki’s cutlery store – everything is sharpened and sticks well is the catch phrase.

Takanashi: Well, I don’t think you’ve got to wear a katana even if your parent’s job is so.

She seems a bit puzzled at his comment.

Yachiyo: You know, we live in a dangerous world, right?

Takanashi: You’re the one who represents that.

They hear the manager calling her.

Kyoko: I’m hungry, Yachiyo!

Yachiyo: Yes, I’m coming right away! …I’ve got to return. Bye then.

Takanashi: “Sigh”

Sato: See?


While they’ve figured out it’s not an easy problem, there’s someone looking for Sato.

Popura: Oh, here you are!

Soma: We’ve got a plenty of order right now. Can you get back soon, Sato?

Sato: OK, I’ll go back.

Popura: You’re so tall, Sato! I envy you!

Sato: Do you want a quick growth?

Popura: Can you? Sure!

Sato: Now you’ve grown bigger.

He just sets her hair like the leaves of pineapple. As the result of that, her height got slightly higher than she usually is even though it isn’t the way she hoped.

Popura: “Growling…”

Sato: Wait, don’t get mad. The more upset you are, the more cells you lose. You wouldn’t grow up.

Popura: Oh, really?!

Sato: You know, taller people wouldn’t get upset easily because they’re making the most of their cells.

Popura: I got it!

Sato: So, you’d better not get angry when you’re teased a little.

Soma: Good luck, Taneshima!

Popura: Yes, thanks Sato! I’ll do my best!

Takanashi: Oh, senpai…

On their way to kitchen, Soma talks to Sato.

Soma: You’re so good at dealing with Taneshima, right?

Sato: Hm, hm.

Soma: Why couldn’t you do the same with Todoroki, then?

Sato: Hey, do you want to be as short as Taneshima by getting your head beaten up?

Soma: It was a joke, aha.

Takanashi: …Hmm?

He wonders why Sato got upset with Soma bringing up Yachiyo.

( to be continued )


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