All different kinds of OTAKU



The strange masked man turned out to be the owner of Wagnaria.

Otoh: I’m sorry to have frightened you. I forgot about my mask.

Takanashi: Uh, it was OK… ( Is he the owner? Where has he been wearing the mask from, by the way? )

Otoh: The manager Shirafuji and Taneshima, thank you for working hard while my absence.

Kyoko: Yeah, I had it tough!

Otoh: Oh, I’m sorry I’m owing you all the time.

He even starts massaging her shoulders.

Takanashi: Aren’t you the boss of her?

Otoh: Yes, it depends on the business, though. In my case, I’m a franchised owner in charge of running the restaurant and she is my own employee.

Takanashi: So, are you a hired manager?

Kyoko: You must be impressed.

Otoh: Actually, I’m away from my restaurant most of time. You can just think of me a man who appears here once in a while.

Takanashi: Uh, you don’t have to be reduced to that…

Popura: Where did you get this mask, Otoh?

Otoh: Well, I’m not sure since I visited many places.

Takanashi: Have you been away from the restaurant for your business trip? Maybe you were traveling to find some new food throughout the country?

Otoh: Well, no, I was looking for my missing wife actually.

He seems very depressed.

Takanashi: You said what?

Kyoko: How did it go this time?

Otoh: I couldn’t find her anywhere.

Kyoko: No, you took it wrong.

Otoh: Oh, sorry, here’s the souvenirs.

He puts down plenty of local food souvenirs on the desk.

Kyoko: Good job, Otoh!

Otoh: You can have it, too, Takanashi and Taneshima.

Takanashi: Thanks…

Otoh: … look alike my wife…

He speaks to himself seeing in the direction of Kyoko who’s indulging in eating his souvenirs.

Takanashi: The manager is?!

Otoh: Oh, no, I mean this wrapping is.

He refers to a picture of woman (= we call it Okame in Japanese) printed on the wrapping.

Otoh: I couldn’t help buying anything looked alike my wife during my trip.

Takanashi: So, you ended up with this huge souvenirs?


Popura: Does it look alike her, too?

She asks him about the scary Hannya mask.

Takanashi: That’s too much, senpai.

Otoh: …Yes, it sure does…

He even starts crying embracing the mask.

Takanashi: ( Is your wife something not human being? )

Otoh: Oh, I wonder where she’s now? She must be somewhere in Japan!

Takanashi: Could you tell me why she got lost?

Otoh: You know, she had terribly no sense of directions so got lost when she went out shopping.

Takanashi: What?!

Otoh: So, let me know if you see someone look like it (= Hannya or Okame ).

I don’t think you’d have any chance to find someone looks alike it, I’m afraid.

Takanashi: You’d better ask the police…

Popura: So, how terrible is your wife at directions?

Otoh: I once asked her which was the direction of the north?

Wife: Up. (in his imagination)

Popura: Up?

Otoh: She said that a compass pointed up in a map so the north was up.

She apparently believed the north was above her head.

Popura: Wow, I didn’t know it!

Takanashi: No, it isn’t true, senpai…

( to be continued )


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