All different kinds of OTAKU



A few days later Otoh coming back to Wagnaria.

Sato: Have you seen the whetstone?

Takanashi: A whetstone? No, I haven’t.

Popura: It should be in the kitchen!

Sato: I know but it’s been missing. Did any wait staff take it?

Yachiyo: Hey, Sato, stop hanging around with the knife. It’s dangerous.

For some reason, she’s whetting her katana right now.

Guys: ( There it is! )

Yachyo: Phew.

She seems pretty satisfied with her katana getting sharpened again.

Popura: Wow, it’s shining!

Sato: I’m worried.

Takanashi: I hope it’s just a maintenance.

Sato: Is the katana supposed to be whetted with the stone?

Takanashi: Well, before that, Sato…

Sato: If not being maintained properly, you might get stuck when you use it.

Takanashi: You shouldn’t use it, after all!

Yachiyo: I’ve got a man to slash…

Her suddenly speaks in low voices.

Popura: Wow, it sounds like a historical drama!

Takanashi: That’s not the point, senpai. Who are you going to slash, the chief?

Just there, the owner comes in.

Otoh: Long time no see, Sato and Todoroki.

Sato: Hi.

Yachiyo: Oh, you must be tired after a long trip, Mr. Otoh…

Saying so, she stabs his head with her katana, which just cuts off a few hairs.

Otoh: M… Ms. Todoroki?!

Takanashi: What are you doing, the chief?

They both get really panicked.

Sato: Did he buy any grudges from her?

Popura: Maybe playing like a historical drama?

In fact, they’re looking at them from the safe kitchen.

Takanashi: You’ve escaped already?!

Otoh: N… no! I didn’t do anything!!

He can survive?

( to be continued )


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