All different kinds of OTAKU



Yachiyo suddenly starts attacking Otoh with her katana, although he has no idea why she’s so mad at him.

Yachiyo: You took away…

Otoh: I don’t know!!

Her flashback comes in.

Kyoko: Hasn’t Otoh been back yet, Yachiyo?

Yachiyo: Not yet, but it won’t be long.

Kyoko: I want him to come back soon.

Yachiyo is shocked to see Kyoko missing him in a romantic way.

Kyoko: ( …getting souvenirs. )

Of course it was completely her misunderstanding but she didn’t know it.

Yachiyo: My precious…

She finally corners Otoh with her katana.

Otoh: What?! What’s your precious?!

Yachiyo: All I can do is making her sweets… still you baited Kyoko with your foods! Don’t feel easy to feed her! What if she took to you?!

Being filled with her emotion, she swings down her katana on his head but he manages to catch it between his both palms just before it reaches his forehead. ( We call this technique Shinken Shirahadori, by the way. )

Otoh: P… please calm down, Todoroki!

Someone who’s in the center of this trouble just walks by there.

Kyoko: The souvenir’s getting old, too. Hey, I’d like to have your parfait, Yachiyo.

She turns into happy mood just at the moment.

Yachiyo: Sure, Kyoko! Which do you want to go with chocolate or strawberry?

Kyoko: Both.

Yachiyo: Oh, dear. But you’d have a stomachache eating both at the same time?

Kyoko: I’ll be fine.


Takanashi and others helps Otoh go back to rest in his office.

Takanashi: Are you all right?

Otoh: I think so. I know she didn’t mean any harm…

Takanashi: But she sure had a killing atmosphere…

Sato: You’re too nice, pops.

Otoh: You know, it’s all good as long as she can make some sweets for the manager. Then, it wouldn’t happen so often that someone tries to kill me.

Takanashi: I know what you mean. Oh, have you ever met Inami?

Otoh: No I haven’t, although I know her name.

Takanashi: I really wish you reunion with your wife in one piece.

Otoh: Thanks…?

Takanashi can’t help getting sorry for him to be attacked by Inami once he meets her.

( to be continued )


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