All different kinds of OTAKU



Yachiyo got sick during her work day. She’s taking a break in the staff room, where Kyoko comes in to take care of her.

Yachiyo: Kyoko…

Kyoko: Sato cooked this oatmeal especially for you.

Yachiyo: Oh, I’m sorry…

Kyoko’s stomach starts growling by its good smell.

Kyoko: E… eat!

Yachiyo: Oh, Kyoko…

Even Kyoko doesn’t feel like to sponge off a sick person, while Yachiyo feels happy to see her be as usual. Anyway, she takes off the lid.

Yachiyo: Wow, it looks delicious! (Having a bite) It’s very good!

Kyoko: T… that’s good.

Her stomach growls again.

Yachiyo: Um, please have a bite, Kyoko.

Kyoko: N… no, you go.

Yachiyo: You know, watching you eat food is my source of energies. But, you might catch my cold.

Kyoko: No, you’d rather get better by getting me catch your cold.

She has a bite of her oatmeal with the same spoon.

Kyoko: Having worked today, I realized I couldn’t live without you, Yachiyo. Get well soon.

Yachiyo is too excited by her words that she even falls flat on her face on the table.

Kyoko: Hey, Yachiyo fell in a faint.

She tells Takanashi and Popura about her status without knowing Yachiyo’s mind.


After a few days, Yachiyo has recovered. She comes to the kitchen to say thanks.

Yachiyo: Thank you all. I’m very fine now.

Takanashi: I’m glad you’ve recovered.

Popura: We can work together again!

Yachiyo: Thank you for your oatmeal, Sato.

Sato: I’m glad you got back.

There Kyoko comes by.

Kyoko: I’m hungry. Give me something to eat, Sato.

Sato: All right. You can get a 30-percent discount of employees.

Kyoko: Are you charging me? I’m the manger you know.

Sato: So are you!

Yachiyo: I beg you! Please make her something!

Soma: The first job after your recovery is to take care of the manger, Todoroki.

Sato: I think so.

Yachiyo: Please, Sato.

Sato: Listen to me, Todoroki. We’d run out of our foods if we make her food each time. And we’re also running busy now, so you should  do what you’re supposed to do.

Yachiyo: What I’m supposed to do? Oh, I’ll learn the jobs in the kitchen then I’ll feed Kyoko myself!

Sato: Don’t go overboard.

Kyoko’s stomach growls.

Sato: In the first place, don’t you mind me cooking for her even though you tried to cut Otoh who bought her souvenirs.

Kyoko: Well, that’s because I can trust you, Sato.

She really means that she doesn’t think of him as a man. He gets mixed-feelings when Kyoko’s stomach growls 2nd times.

Yachiyo: Oh, please get her something! She’d be starving!

Sato: No, she won’t. She’s had enough, you know.

Yachiyo: Please, Sato…

He pokes her head and opens the fridge.

Popura: Are you cooking in the end?

Sato: If not, Todoroki keeps sticking to the manager and wouldn’t go back to her jobs.

Yachiyo: Oh, Sato!

Sato: I’m not cooking for you.

Yachiyo: Yes, Kyoko’s pleasure is my pleasure! Thank you, Sato!

Sato: That’s great…

Popura: You’re so kind to Yachiyo, Sato. You may like her?

Sato: Don’t kid yourself.

He just keeps tapping on her heads but his tone doesn’t sound like himself.

Takanashi: ( Maybe he does? )

Yachiyo: You’re a very nice person, Sato!

Being said so by her, Sato feels down again.

Takanashi: ( Oh, I wish I didn’t find it out… )

It should be one of the most difficult ways for him to go.

( to be continued )


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