All different kinds of OTAKU



“Soma, a too fine young man”

At one evening, Yachiyo is humming and heading for Wagnaria to work.

Yachiyo: Today, I’m gonna… with Kyoko…”

When she gets there, she’s very surprised to find something moving in the hedge.

Yachiyo: What?!

She and other staff carries it into their office, where Takanashi turns up.

Takanashi: Good morning. What’s up there?

Popura: Oh, hi, Katanashi.

Yachiyo: A lady was lying down out of the restaurant.

Sato: She seems to be drunk.

Takanashi: Drunk and lying?!

He gets some bad feelings.

Kyoko: Right.

Looking into the woman’s face, he’s sure that his hunch was correct.

Woman: Ugh… oh, Sota!

As soon as she gets up, she jumps at him.

Popura: Do you know her, Katanashi?

Takanashi: Um, well, she is one of my neighbors…

Woman: I got rejected by my boyfriend again!

She starts yelling and crying.

Takanashi: As you can see, she turns pretty nasty when drunk. I’ll take care of her so you guys go back to your work now, please?

Having seen all of them gone, he turns to the lady with strict eyes.

Takanashi: Why are you here?

Woman: Since I got rejected, I felt lonely and boring! I wanted you to make me feel better!

Takanashi: Go home now, Kozue!

Mahiru: Is she your sister?

Takanashi: Yup, actually… Hey, why are you there, Inami?!

He didn’t expect anyone else to be here.

Mahiru: I was just changing.

Kozue: Hi, I’m Kozue Takanashi, his sister!

Takanashi: Hey, shut up… Ouch!

She takes him down on the floor in a moment.


Kozue: May my brother have been bothering in here? You can beat him if necessary. By the way, I’m teaching a self-defensing class for women. Would you care for it?

Mahiru: Um, no thanks.

Takanashi: Go back home now!

Kozue: You’re so cold, Sota. You used to be so cute like this.

She takes out one picture to make fun of him.

Takanashi: Hey, stop that!

She throws the picture at Mahiru’s feet and Inami picks it up.

Mahiru: Wow, what a cute girl!

There’s a cute little girl in the picture.

Kozue: You right! That was Sota, actually.

Inami is pretty shocked to know the girl was Takanashi who was dressed like a girl.

Kozue: Our mother was a sparing woman so our toys, clothing, everything was my sister’s hand-me-downs and Sota wasn’t excepted, either. Don’t you think he was so cute?

He somehow managed to slip out under her knees.

Takanashi: Inami!

Mahiru: Y, yes?!

Kozue: Oh, when did you get away, Sota?

Takanashi: Will you keep it, my sister and this picture, secret for me? Please!

Mahiru: Y, yes.

He’s too upset that he forget he’s toughing on her shoulders. As you may know, because of her quite androphobia, she can’t help excessive self-defensing at times.

Mahiru: Eeeek!!

Takanashi: Ugghhh!!

She knocks him down with one blow.

Kozue: Oh, you seem to have a flair with it.

Takanashi: Don’t compliment on that!

( to be continued )


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