All different kinds of OTAKU



A drunk woman lying out of Wagnaria turned out to be Takanashi’s sister. Getting her go back home by some way, he returns to his job now.

Takanashi: ( Thanks to Kozue, I got hit again for nothing! Well, since I’ve thrown away the picture already and Inami also promised not to tell anyone about it, I could take it easy for now. )

He seems to be pretty afraid of anyone else knowing his girl-like figures when a kid.

Sato: Hey, haven’t you finished yet? It’s been almost cooked.

Soma: Sato, this salad seems to have one bite less lettuce than the regular one, doesn’t it?

Sato: No. You’re too sensitive. Hurry up.

Soma: And, the petit tomatoes may look smaller, too.

Sato: Get it over!

He even kicks Soma to get hurry.

Takanashi: ( Soma, thinking of him, I’ve hardly ever talked to him. )

Soma: Oh, it hurts, Sato!

Takanashi: ( He may be oversensitive rather than to be careful. )

He talks to Popura about their conversation when both of them are drying dishes together.

Popura: So, that’s what you saw.

Takanashi: Yup. What kind of man Soma is then?

Popura: He’s a nice man.

Just then, he’s passing by them.

Soma: Oh, I got told off by Sato again.

Popura: Hi, Soma!

Soma: It seems I’m slow at my job, unfortunately.

Popura: No, you aren’t! You’re just cautious about your job!

Soma: Thanks. Oh, you have grown up a little, Taneshima?

Popura: You can see it?

Soma: Yes, about a millimeter, right?

Popura: That’s right!

She seems very happy with him noticing her slight growth.

Takanashi: ( A millimeter? )

Soma: You’ve finally paid off drinking a lot of milk everyday.

Popura: Yes!

Soma: And plus, hanging on the horizontal bar, you were studying hard the ways to grow up, weren’t you?

Popura: Um…

Soma: As you keep it, you may not need your elevator shoes in some days.

She starts to be embarrassed.

Popura: S, Soma!

Soma: Yes?

Popura: I think I can go throwing the garbage for you, so, please don’t go further!

Soma: Really? Thanks, Taneshima.

She goes to the kitchen as if she wanted to escape.

Soma: What’s up, Takanashi?

Takanashi: Um, you seem to know a lot.

Soma: Oh, not really.


There Yachiyo comes in.

Yachiyo: Soma, you shouldn’t use other staff for your own job. I just saw Popura lugging the heavy garbage.

Soma: I didn’t mean it. Oh, speaking of the garbage.

Yachiyo: What?

Soma: You shouldn’t throw away the guys in the park that you backstabbed.

She’s so upset that he knew it.

Takanashi: You couldn’t, chief?!

Yachiyo: No, that’s not!

Soma: They may be our customers who were interested in the manager. If you want to get them out, you should’t be seen by anyone, and…

Yachiyo: Oh, Soma! I’ll go restocing foods for you!

She hurries to the room as if she wanted to escape.

Soma: She’s so kind.

Takanashi: ( He may now know about my secret, though? )

But he soon knows that he was too sweet about his guessing.

( to be continued )


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