All different kinds of OTAKU



Soma knows a lot, maybe too much, of secrets of others. Takanashi begins to feel scared of him knowing his own one.

Soma: By the way, Takanashi. Were your sister all right? I heard she was lying outside the restaurant.

Takanashi: ( Oh, it’s been leaked to him! )

Soma: You may be having it tough? And your other sisters are a lawyer, an author and an elementary school girl, right?

Takanashi: Why do you know that much?

Soma: And this is your childhood picture.

Takanashi: How come you got it! I threw it away!

Soma: It’s so cute, impressing.

Takanashi: Don’t put it back in your pocket!

Soma: I was worried if I could get along with you but now I’m not.

Takanashi: Um, Soma?

Soma: Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone but I may ask you a favor using it when I have some trouble.

Takanashi: ( A favor?! ) Well, I’m going to wash dishes for you, Soma.

Soma: Oh, but…

Takanashi: Please don’t mention it! I’ve got nothing to do right now! Bye then!

In the end, he runs away from him like Popura and Yachiyo did.

Soma: Takanashi, he’s a really nice guy.

Sato: Hey, Soma. Don’t go overboard.

Soma is a really fine guy except for knowing too much about other people.

( to be continued )


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