All different kinds of OTAKU



Yachiyo keeps talking to Sato about Kyoko while he’s busy cooking right now.

Yachiyo: You know, Kyoko told me that my parfait was so…

Apparently, she’s very happy that she was complimented by Kyoko.

Takanashi: ( He’s got to be listening to her talk about her dear manager. Sato likes the chief but she likes the manager. ) I can’t help feeling sorry for him.

Soma: Do you think so, too?

Takanashi: Oh, don’t surprise me! What’s the matter, Soma?

Soma: It’s all about Sato. What could we do for him?

Takanashi: So, are you acquainted with his matter, too?

Soma: You know, there are few things that I don’t know.

Takanashi: But I don’t think it’s a very good idea to poke our noses into them.

Soma: Oh, yeah? I’ve got the feeling that we could do something about it.

Takanashi: But how?

Soma: With some secrets of her that I know, I could convince her to go out with Sato otherwise I’d speak to everybody about it. What do you say?

Takanashi: Um, do you have any sense of humanity? And please don’t look so happy while your talk!

Soma: Look, she’s just leaving. Hey, Todoroki, do you have a minute?

Takanashi: Are you sure, Soma?!

Soma: Count on me.

Yachiyo: What’s up, Soma?

She walks up to him.

Soma: I know you like the manager very much but I think you could look around yourself before her.

Takanasi: ( Oh, that’ll be fine. )

Soma: For instance, Sato, Sato and Sato.

Takanashi: Oh, Soma?!

Yachiyo: What’s the matter with Sato?

Takanashi: Oh, it’s nothing, really!

Yachiyo: He cooked an oat-meal for me when I was sick, although I shared it with Kyoko in the end. And he’s always kind to listen to my talk about her but he doesn’t look very happy when I’m talking to her. Oh, he could be…!

Having some weird thought, she get back to Sato.

Sato: It’s gonna be a fun, isn’t it, Takanashi?

Takanashi: Oh, please don’t be excited.

Yahiyo: Sato!

He’s still cooking.

Sato: Huh?

Yachiyo: Well, sorry about breaking it to you now. I’d be feel embarrassed if I am wrong.

Sato: What’s that?

Yachiyo: Sato, you may love Kyoko?

They’re all frozen up there.

Takanashi: ( Oh, the plot thickens! )

Yachiyo: If you do so, I.. must…!

She gives him a glimpse of the blade.

Takanashi: ( Hey, don’t draw the katana! )


Sato: Hey, Todoroki. You’re an idiot, right?

He sees her such a hopeless girl.

Yachiyo: Y… yes, I guess so…

Sato: I’ve got a headache. It’s time to leave off work. I’m getting home to sleep. See you then.

Yachiyo: G… good bye. Hey, Takanashi and Soma, he looked so scary!

Soma: Oh, Sato. He’s a really nice man.

Takanashi: Yup. Maybe the nicest man in this restaurant.

Yachiyo: Hm…?

She can’t see the point of their conversation anyway. Poor Sato is taking some pills before he goes home.

( to be continued )


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