All different kinds of OTAKU



One day at the kitchen in Wagnaria.

Sato: Hey, it’s up.

Yachiyo: All right.

She comes to take those dishes.

Yachiyo: Um, Sato?

Sato: What?

He listens to her going on to another salad.

Yachiyo: I may have hurt your feelings by saying strange things to you.

Sato: I got it over already.

Yachiyo: Really?

Sato: Sure. Serve the dishes before they get cold.

Yachiyo: I’m relieved. You’re really nice as Soma told me.

Being said “nice”, Sato stops his hands.

Yachiyo: He suggested me pay more attention to you. Maybe I’m a little dull.

A mini-tomato gets crushed between Sato’s fingers, which she isn’t aware of.

Yachiyo: Now, I’ll be thinking of you more seriously!

Then he grabs a pan.

Yachiyo: I’ll do my best!

She’s happy to go serving customers when Soma comes into the kitchen instead.

Soma: Good for you, Sato…

Sato just repeats hitting Soma’s head with his pan.

Soma: It hurts, Sato!!

Takanashi: ( They’re doing it again. )

He’s just through the kitchen to the staff room.


Takanashi: Hi, there. Oh, it’s not very usual to see you studying here.

Popura: Yup. Since Inami is taking exams at school, I’m teaching her a little.

Mahiru looks a little embarrassed.

Takanashi: That’s huge. Oh, you’re wearing glasses, Senpai. So cute!

Popura: Really? Thanks, although they’re toy glasses, you know.

She pushes her glasses back in the right position.

Takanashi: Even such large glasses slip down, Senpai. So cute!

Popura: What do you mean, Katanashi?!

Takanashi: Even without glasses, Senpai is small and cute! Yes, rather small, smaller than glasses!

Popura: I’m not that small!

Mahiru: “Sigh”

Takanashi: Hm, classics and mathematics?

He looks at her textbooks.

Popura: I’m taking science course so I can help her with math but not classics.

Takanashi: You should study regularly.

Mahiru: Yes, I do! But, the classics and mathematics classes…

Takanashi: Huh?

Mahiru: The teachers are male, even though it’s a girl’s school! I can just help myself hitting them in the class!

She starts crying.

Takanashi: ( Her poor life. ) Oh, I can teach you this. I like classics so I’ve studied it in advance by myself.

Mahiru: Oh… ( He’s one year younger than me! )

Takanashi: It’s no use crying. I’ll help you with classics.

Popura: You’re so kind, Katanashi.

Takanashi: Not really. I’ve been depending on her a lot recently so it’s no big deal. ( Never spill that out, right? )

Mahiru: ( Ah, hush money, I see. )


After a few days, with their help, Inami got A with mathematics and classics exams.

Popura: You’re great, Inami!

Takanashi: You’re pretty good with another subjects, too. I’m impressed.

She seems a little embarrassed.

Takanashi: I’m glad you you got A with both classics and math.

Mahiru: Thanks to both of you, I got much better scores than other subjects (although I was taught by a younger boy and a look-like younger girl. )

Takanashi: I can read you what’s in your mind, eh?

Anyway, it was very good for her to get great grades.

( to be continued )


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