All different kinds of OTAKU



Takanashi was being teased by Kozue, his older sister, where his younger sister named Nazuna showed up and she tactfully helped him. Now they’re both in the kitchen to make breakfast.

Nazuna: Are you all right, big brother? I know they tend to tease you at any chance.

Takanashi: Yes, thanks.

Nazuna: But how come they treat you like that? Maybe because you’re short?

Takanashi: ( You are all unusually tall! )

In fact, he’s about 172cm height now but Nazuna is about to grow taller than him already.

Takanashi: ( I can’t believe she’s still going to grade school. )

She’s Nazuna Takanashi, 12 years old, the 4th sister in his family.

Nazuna: Since our dad passed away, you’re the only man in our family. I wish you good luck!

Takanashi: Oh, dear. I’m worried about you, too, Nazuna. Mom isn’t at home most of days and other sisters are like that. Are you all right?

Nazuna: Don’t worry. My sisters are all simple for me. I love you and them all, aha!

Takanashi: …All right.

He’s afraid of her getting the nature of trickster. After breakfast, he starts thinking to himself in his room.

Takanashi: ( I don’t feel like I could ever win those threes sisters by any means while I’m alive. Nazuna is only one on my side for now, however she’s sure to have the same strong character like other sisters in a few years when she grows up both in mind and body. )

He feels so blue with his prospects.

Takanashi: …I’d better go to work.


When he arrives Wagnaria, Popura welcomes him with her brilliant smile.

Popura: Good morning, Katanashi! Let’s do our best even on Sunday!

Takanashi: ( …Petit and cute!! )

Popura: Why are you crying?!

Now you may have found out why he’s such fond of small and innocent things.

( to be continued )


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