All different kinds of OTAKU



Every staff is working busy at Wagnaria but Soma seems to be slacking off.

Takanashi: You’ve got nothing to do right now?

Soma: You know, I just had small talk with those girls and they all offered me to do my job.

Takanashi: ( He scared them again. )  I think guys in here tend to be overwhelmed by women but you don’t so. You’re strong.

He comes up to the sink to wash dishes.

Soma: I’m not sure.

Takanashi: You wouldn’t get beaten by Inami, either. I envy you. Oh, speaking of her, she’s coming in a minute today.

Soma suddenly starts freaking out.

Takanashi: Hmm?

Soma: Um, she’s a little…

Takanashi: You aren’t good at her?

Soma: It’s only you or Sato who can work with her well even a man!

Takanashi: So, you do have something you aren’t good at, too. …Nice.

Soma: Why are you relieved?

Takanashi: Why don’t you just talk her down as you do usually?

Soma: That doesn’t sound fair to me. Anyway, she’s far beyond that.

Back in his flash back, he happened to meet her at the corner and he got hit by her even before saying hello.

Soma: I don’t even have a chance!

Takanashi: ( She shut him up before he open his mouth. )

Soma: First of all, I don’t usually speak to anyone until I know him or her very well.

Takanashi: ( You mean until you get some evidence for threatening them, right? )

Soma: But Inami just runs away or hits me. She doesn’t even give me a chance.

Takanashi: I guess you’re safe as long as you stay in the kitchen. You’d have little chance to encounter her in here.

Speaking of her, she just turns up the kitchen.

Mahiru: Eek!

Soma: Ugh!!

She knocks him down at sight.

Mahiru: I’m sorry, Soma!

She runs away apologizing to him.

Takanashi: I’ve known it but you always shows up at the worst possible time, Inami! Are you OK, Soma?

Soma: No, I’m not… It hurts! My face hurts! My head and heart aches, too! I’m dying, soon, now!

Takanshi: Um, you still have a rather smooth tongue, though?

Soma: You know, since you came here, I had less chances of being hit by her.

Takanashi: Because I am hit by her.

Soma: Even better that, she became a little easier to get close to because she lets her guard down while she’s talking to you.

Takanashi: Are you sure?

Mahiru: ( I happened to hit him again! I have to apologize to him! )

She’s standing behind the shelves and listening to them.

Soma: Yes. To make it proved, I know her rare information.

Mahiru: ( What?! )

Soma: You’ve once complimented her on her hairpins before, right?

Takanashi: Well, maybe I have.

Soma: Since then, she’s been changing her hairpin everyday.

Mahiru: Oh, please stop, Soma!!


She becomes so embarrassed that she gets back and starts beating him up.

Takanashi: I… didn’t know that.

Mahiru: D, Don’t get it wrong, really! I… I was never pleased since I’ve been complimented by a man for the first time of my life! You know, I just took up a hobby collecting hairpins!

Takanashi: Um, Inami…

She keeps beating up Soma during her excuse.

Mahiru: You know, I’m like a type of girl who’s like improved by getting like praised, aha!

Takanashi: Soma is dying! Let him go!

Mahiru: I’m so embarrassed!!

After beating up Soma to her heart’s content, she runs away again.

Takanashi: Soma, are you all right?

He’s lying on the floor like rag.

Soma: … I don’t want to speak anymore…

Thanks to Inami, he finally became quiet.

( to be continued )


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