All different kinds of OTAKU



It’s February 14, St. Valentine’s Day.

Kyoko: Hey, Takanashi.

Takanashi: Yes?

Kyoko: The custom in America.

Takanashi: What are you talking about out of the blue?

Kyoko: The custom in America, Valentine’s Day is the day that men send gifts to women so give me something to eat.

Takanashi: You can just eat Setsubun beans, eh? ( A ceremony celebrating the coming of spring by eating the same number of beans as your age, normally takes place on February 3. )

On the other hand, in the kitchen.

Yachiyo: Here you go, Sato and Soma. Thank you for helping me all the time.

She’s giving them chocolates.

Sato: I’m impressed you woouldn’t forget it every year. Thanks, anyway.

Soma: Thanks, Todoroki.

Yachiyo: Then, I’m going to give it to Kyoko!

She’s skipping out of the kitchen, which of course Sato isn’t very happy with.

Sato: “Sigh”

Soma: Hey, you can take mine, too, Sato.

Sato: Why? I don’t want.

Soma: I can’t receive even if it’s out of her favor.

In Japan, women sometimes send chocolates to men even not interested in them romantic way. We call it sending a Giri(=favor) chocolate.

Soma: Of course I’ll pay you when you gifs her back.

And some of these women expect men to send more expensive gifts back to them on March 14, so-called the White Day in Japan, although Yachiyo didn’t mean to it in this case. Anyway, Sato receives another favor chocolate from Soma.

Soma: Now, you have doubled “favor” from her, right?

Of course Sato doesn’t like his this joke so he takes pan to hit Soma.

Soma: Oh, wait! The pan’d be painful, really!

Loose lips sink ships, he’s doing it again.

( to be continued )


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