All different kinds of OTAKU



“One cold day – a little different Wagnaria”

One day afternoon at Wagnaria, Mahiru is just changing to the uniform so she starts her job. She raises her spirits when she’s out of the locker room.

Mahiru: I’ll do my best today!

She leaves for the entrance to welcome the customers when she heard the bell.

Mahiru: Welcome… Ah!

But she immediately gets stuck because those customers are men. Popura turns up there to help her.

Popura: It’s OK, Inami. I’ll do them. Welcome, sir. I’ll show you to the table.

Mahiru: ( The next chance…! )

Hearing another bell, she comes to the entrance, again.

Mahiru: Welcome… Ugh!!

Unfortunately, the next customers are also men. She’s stuck there, again.

Yachiyo: You’re all right, Mahiru. I’ll do it. 3 people in your party, sir? Smoking or not?

Mahiru: ( …The next chance!! )

One of the customers is even a little scared at Mahiru’s trembling fist.

The third time’s the charm – She shows up the entrance hearing another bell.

Mahiru: Welcome…. Oh!!

It’s a group of baseball boys. She’s immediately scared of them, again.

Takanashi: It’s OK. I’ll be going.

She gives out a big sigh behind the wall while he’s showing them to the table.

Popura: What’s up, Inami?

Mahiru: Oh, Taneshima. Even after a long time that I’ve worked here, I can only serve female customers that means I can only do as half of work as you do. I must be a pain in the neck in here.

Popura: No, you aren’t!

Mahiru: I’m not sure…

Popura: You’re flawless with female customers, right?

Mahiru: But, I believed I could do my best today.

Popura: Keep up your spirit! You haven’t done yet today! You still have a chance!

Mahiru: Oh, Taneshima, that’s right! I can still try!

Popura: That’s the sprit, Inami!

Mahiru: Yes!

With the help of her friend, Mahiru feels better now when Takanashi just turns the corner and meet them.

Takanashi: Ah.

Mahiru: Eek!!

Being frightened at him, she knocks him down and runs away as usual.

Mahiru: I’m sorry!!

Popura: Oh, Inami…

Is Mahiru really doing her best today?!

( to be continued )


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