All different kinds of OTAKU



It’s getting late evening at Wagnaria. Takanashi finds out something about their female staff while he’s watching them working.

Soma: What’s up, Takanashi?

Takanashi: Hi, Soma. You know, I just realized one thing by chance.

Soma: What’s that?

Takanashi: You know, the ladies in this restaurant, their heights and ages go with their craziness.

Soma: Hm…

Takanashi: Take Senpai, she’s the shortest woman and mostly sensible and mild, although she gets a little stubborn at times. Next Inami, she’s pretty normal with her appearances, however she’s extremely afraid of men that she can’t help punching them just standing by her.

He continues his insulting analysis.

Takanashi: The chief, Todoroki, not only the professional with her job, but also she’s a really attentive and likable woman, only if not with that Katana.

His graph is showing their crazy level by the way.

Takanashi: And on top of it all, the manager. Her outrageous behavior, brutalities, greedy appetite, an amazing slacker, even worse she was a member of gang group, too!

Kyoko: Who’s on top of it all, eh?

She pokes his head as she shows up.

Takanashi: Oh, manager, when did you come?

Kyoko: Whatever you were talking, I never want you pervert to call me that way.

Takanashi: Me? I’m rather normal compared to other guys. Say, Mr. Otoh, the owner, he’s gentle but too shy. He’s seldom at his restaurant looking for his missing wife. Sato, he looks blunt and scary but in fact he’s kind. ( He’s interested in that chief, though. ) And, Soma, he’s polite and outgoing, however he somehow knows anybody’s secrets, seems like a goody-goody.

Soma: Hey, do you say that in front of the man? You were also… the other day…

He’s a little upset that he’s going to break one of his secrets.

Takanashi: Oh, I’m sorry! I forgot you’re a very nice man! Anyway, I’m doing my job right and I don’t have anything I’m bad at, either. Yes, I’m the most sensible man!

Of course, anyone else wouldn’t agree him.

Soma: You were so proud to say that.

Kyoko: Forget it.


Takanashi: What’s in that, manager, by the way?

She was just carrying a carton, in which a lot of small stuffed animals are.

Takanashi: T – This is…

It seems he’s very excited with the stuffed animals.

Kyoko: Novelties for kid’s menu.

Takanashi: Give me one, please!

Kyoko: LIke I said, they’re toys for kid’s menu. You can’t have unless you order one.

Takanashi: I will order, then!

Kyoko: On second thought, no, you can’t. It’s kind of creepy. Hey, both of you, get back to your job.

Soma: Yes, that’s right.

Poor Takanashi just stands there in disappointment.

( to be continued )


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