All different kinds of OTAKU



Kyoko: I’m hungry.

When her stomach growls, Yachiyo wouldn’t miss it even far away.

Yachiyo: Need my hand, Kyoko?!

Kyoko: Give me a parfait, Yachiyo?

Yachiyo: Of course, yes! I’ll make it with strawberry and chocolate today!

Though, Sato isn’t happy to see it. Popura comes into the kitchen.

Popura: Good morning, Sato!

Sato: Hi, Taneshima. Hey, you look like growing up a little.

Popura: Really?!

Sato: No, it was a lie.

She gets mad at him but he doesn’t care about it, which Takanashi is also looking at.

Takanashi: ( He seems in good condition as usual. )

Soma: Is he making fun of her again?

Takanashi: Right.

Soma: You know that each time seeing Todoroki devoting herself to look after the manager and showing her strong affections, too, Sato gets annoyed so he takes his anger out on Taneshima around him. The world is circulating, don’t you think?

Takanashi: Yeah, it’s truly a negative cycle.

While they’re discussing the world economy, she’s still trying to revenge him but he wouldn’t let her go in his reach with one hand.

Popura: You’re making fun of me all the time since I’m short!

Sato: No, I’m not.

Popura: I’ll become bigger someday!

Sato: In the first place, what do you do after growing bigger?

Popura: Um…

Sato: Do you want to be a giant then stamping us flat?


The titan named Popuradon, who’s bigger than skyscrapers, is growling and destroying the whole city.

Sato: What a badass, man.

Popura: I’m not wrong! Oh, please help me, Katanashi!

Takanashi: I’m sorry, I can’t, Senpai.

She’s so surprised at his answer.

Popura: W- Why?! ( He used to help me! ) May Sato have something on you?!

While she’s talking to him, Sato changes her hair into various styles that is very funny.

Takanashi: You know, Senpai. I just realized that you’re so cute when you’re being teased, too!

Popura: You’re a traitor! All right, I’ll never count on you! I’ll ask someone else for help!

Takanashi: Pouting Senpai is also cute!


While he’s enjoying himself with Popura, Yachiyo comes in the kitchen, too.

Popura: Help me, Yachiyo!

Yachiyo: What’t the matter with you, Popura?

Popura: Sato is bullying me!

Yachiyo: You poor thing! (To Sato) Don’t bully the weak!

She walks up to him holding her katana by the hilt.

Sato: Which one is? Don’t touch the katana.

Yachiyo: Hey, do you happen to have something getting to you every day?

Of course, she asks him the question out of her ignorance but it’s enough to make him more irritated anyway.

Sato: Never!

Girl: I’m… sorry…

They’re so scared of his angry looks that they have to retreat.

( to be continued )


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