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Being told off by Sato, Yachiyo is trying to figure out why he was so upset.

Yachiyo: Sato, he’s been a little scary since I once asked him if he liked Kyoko, although it turned out to be not true. Soma, do you know anything about him?

Soma: Hm, I’m not sure if I should tell you but he’s actually interested in someone else not the manager.

Yachiyo: Ah, so he may be upset with my misunderstanding. Then, who is his love?

Soma: ( It’s you – I wish I could tell her but Sato didn’t allow me to do it. ) Um, one clue, you may want to think about the reason why he’s always making fun of Taneshima.

After a moment, she seems she’s got an answer.

Soma: ( Oh, with her reaction, I don’t think she’s got the right answer. I’m sorry, Sato. )

She comes back to the kitchen to talk to Sato.

Yachiyo: Sato?

Sato: What’s up?

Yachiyo: I’m sorry I asked you if you liked Kyoko.

Sato: I already told you I didn’t mind it.

Yachiyo: Um, then, you like Popura, right?

He roughly chops off a Japanese radish on the board.

Yachiyo: Eek! Um, well…

He slowly turns to her and grabs her shoulders.

Sato: Hey, Todoroki.

Yachiyo: … hurts…

Sato: You’d better not speak.

Yachiyo: Well…

Sato: Didn’t you hear me?!

She’s too scared to keep standing there. When he’s back to his work, someone bumps into him.

Popura: Oh, sorry, Sato. I bumped into you.

Sato: Sorry, Taneshima. You’re too small that I couldn’t see you.

Popura: What did you say?! You teased me again!

Takanashi: ( Someone do something with this negative spiral. )

As he’s watching it, Mahiru just passes by him.

Mahiru: Eek!

As always, she ends up knocking down him.

( to be continued )


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