All different kinds of OTAKU



Mahiru knocked down Takanashi again when she was passing by him. He’s run out of patience in the end.

Takanashi: Excuse my same question each time but are you seriously trying to fix your androphobia?

Mahiru: Of course, yes, I am tying! I’m actually getting better!

Popura is worried to come to see them.

Takanashi: Then, how close can you get to men now?

Mahiru: About 2 meters…

Takanashi: Huh!

She’s upset with him sniffing.

Mahiru: Oh! Anyway, I can do it! I’m the type who gets better being praised!

She walks away.

Takanashi: What kind of parting shot was that?

Popura: Why did you start fighting with her, Katanashi?

Takanashi: Um, it’s an usual thing, though I got a little upset today as I couldn’t see any progress with her.

Popura: But I know she’s been doing her best!

Takanashi: … I’ll get back to work.

Popura: Are you OK?

Takanashi: I’m fine. I’ve just had 3 punches today.

Popura: ( He’s getting used to it… )

Mahiru is back in the staff room, where she’s slamming the wall with her fist.

Mahiru: What a jerk! He’s younger than me and I have seniority in here! I’m not that bad as he says!

Yachiyo and Kyoko come to take care of her, although the manager is just eating a parfait actually.

Yachiyo: What’s the matter with you, Mahiru?

Mahiru: I’ll keep trying hard! As the manager said to me, I’ll get used to Takanashi and other men, even if I’d have to kill Takanashi!

Yachiyo: Um, you don’t even have to risk one’s life…

Kyoko: Whatever, don’t ruin the wall, OK?

Mahiru: Ah…

She finds there’s a large crack on the wall where she kept punching on.

( to be continued )


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