All different kinds of OTAKU



When Takanashi comes home after school, his youngest sister is sick in bed.

Takanashi: It doesn’t seem your fever has gone down yet since this morning.

Nazuna: I’m sorry, I’ve been staying in bed, though.

Takanashi: It’s OK. Then, let’s go see the doctor, after all. They’re still open.

Nazuna: But what about your work?

Takanashi: I’ll call for a day off today.

Nazuna: Sorry…

At Wagnaria, the manager has just caught the call.

Kyoko: OK, I see. (hanging up) Hey, Inami.

She’s just walking by her office.

Mahiru: Yes?

Kyoko: Takanashi has to take his sister to the hospital so he takes a day off today.

Mahiru: Well, I see.

When she’s wiping tables, Yachiyo comes up to her.

Yachiyo: Takanashi takes off today, Mahiru.

Mahiru: I know. The manager already told me that.

And when she’s back of the counter, Popura runs up to her.

Popura: Inami, Katanashi’s taking a day off!

Mahiru: Why everybody says that to me?

Popura: Without Katanashi, you will…

Mahiru: Don’t worry.

Popura: Sure? Don’t you miss him, I mean, don’t you want to hit someone?

Mahiru: Come on, I’m not a stranded house dog. I’ll be all right without Takanashi.

Saying so, she starts shadow boxing herself.

Popura: I’m not sure…

Mahiru: ( Come to think of it, I’ve been hitting only Takanashi recently. )


There’s the one who’s very worried about the absence of Takanashi.

Soma: “Sigh” So, we don’t have Takanashi today. When he’s off, the risk of me getting hit by her goes up. By the way, I have hardly seen you being hit by her, Sato?

They’re both in a storeroom to get supplies.

Sato: That’s because I’ve been keeping coming up with daily tricks to deal with her. You’re too scared of Inami than you really need, although I know she is actually scary.

Soma: I’m not sure.

Sato: Suppose there’s a kind of attraction in our restaurant that attacks you all of a sudden.

Soma: I can’t think that positive way. I guess I should be more friendly with her, after all.

Sato: Then, why don’t you do some simulating in your mind before you encounter her, say, you run into Inami as you’re working in a storeroom…

Soma: Ah!

He unfortunately meets her as he steps out the door. He gets stunned there.

Soma: …What after that?

Sato: Think yourself.

Mahiru: Nooo!!!

As he worried earlier, he gets beaten down by her.

Mahiru: I’m sorry!

Sato comes out of the room after she’s gone.

Sato: Well, you made her crying.

Soma: I can’t believe you said that now…

( to be continued )


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