All different kinds of OTAKU



Mahiru regrets beating down Soma even not on purpose.

Mahiru: “Sigh” I did it again. How could it be every time?

Then, she notices her cellphone vibrating in a pocket.

Mahiru: I also forgot leaving my cellphone in my locker. Who’s this? Hello?

Voice: Hello? I’m Soma.

She’s very upset to know the caller.

Mahiru: Are you Soma?! Um, I’m very sorry what I just did to you!

He’s actually calling her just down the corridor.

Soma: No problem. I didn’t mind.

Mahiru: But, how do you know my number?

Soma: Oh, never mind. Well, I expected you’d hang up quick but it seems to work out now?

Mahiru: Um, yes.

Soma: Though, it wasn’t that easy for you before?

Mahiru: I’m not sure but maybe I’m getting better?

Soma: Yes, thanks to Takanashi, your master, right?

Mahiru: Oh, what?!

Just then, he hears a loud noise in the direction of her.

Soma: Well, Inami, what’s that noise?

Mahiru: Um, I just had the wall broken since you said a weird thing, Soma.

Soma: ( The wall…? )

Mahiru: Oh, no, that’s not right! You know, I’m actually appreciating his help but it isn’t like the way house dogs love their master!

The noises she makes by pounding the wall become even louder while talking.


Sato: What’s the matter?

Soma: Well, I’m being beaten down over the phone…

Sato: Huh?

Kyoko: What are you doing, Inami?

Mahiru: As you see it, I’m talking on the phone!

Kyoko: I can see you nothing but destroying our restaurant. Go out to the dining room anyway. It’s beginning to get crowd. Yachiyo’s already off in the earlier shift and we don’t have Takanashi today, too.

Mahiru: I see…

She goes out to the dinning room to take orders. Even feeling a little blue, she keeps courtesy and smiles.

Mahiru: What can I get for you?

Soma: She’s a good girl, basically.

Sato: Did you finally become a friend with Inami?

Soma: I feel like I was able to understand her a little. Cellphones are awesome!

Sato: That’s good.

Soma: Now I’ll never have to meet her during my life!

Sato: Whether have you really come close to her or gone away?

The best solution for Soma is still to keep Inami away.

( to be continued )


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