All different kinds of OTAKU



As Kyoko told Mahiru earlier, it’s getting busier in the restaurant.

Sato: It seems to be getting crowded with customers, doesn’t it?

Soma: Yes, without Takanashi, the waitstaff should be busier than normal.

Sato: Right.

Soma: You know, it tends to happen that only male customers come when we don’t hope so.

The first next customers are two business men.

Popura: Welcome! Two people in your party, sir?

Mahiru: Oh, no!

Following three large Judo guys.

Popura: Welcome!

Mahiru: No!!

Popura: Welcome! Well… 11 people in your party, right? Please wait a moment.

The last party is the whole soccer boys, which Mahiru is just scared of.

Mahiru: How could it be only men!

She can’t do any duties with them so she asks Soma for help by calling his cellphone.

Soma: Well, a series of customers?

Mahiru: Yes, they’re all men and it’s getting too busy in here that Popura can’t wait on them all by herself!

In the dining room, they can see Popura bustling around on her own.

Mahiru: Could anyone in the kitchen come and help us?

Soma: You heard it?

He turns his cellphone to Sato.

Sato: No, I don’t like waiting on customers. Get up the nerve so you can make it out yourself, Inami.

He speaks into the microphone not expecting her yelling back at him.

Mahiru: Me?! I’m gonna hit you, eh?! Oh, please…

Sato: ( It wasn’t rather a request but… )

Soma: ( A threat, actually. )

Then, Mahiru goes to the manager to ask for help.

Kyoko: Well, I just called Yachiyo to come over but it’d take a while since her house is quite remote from here.

Mahiru: Could you please help us in the dinning room, Kyoko?

Kyoko: Me? I think I can try but… are you sure you never regret?

Mahiru is convinced that she’s most likely to regret her decision. Anyway, all the staff left in the restaurant get together at the staff room.


Soma: So now…

He and Sato have changed into waiting staff uniform.

Sato: We both go out helping customers so, Inami, you work on whatever you can like billing, making sweets, etc.

Mahiru: (with trembling)Yes!

Sato: And, stop crying, too.

Mahiru: Yes!

Sato: Manager, you get to the checkout counter.

Kyoko: OK.

Sato: And Taneshima, you do your best.

Popura: Yes, I will! We need hustle at difficult time, right? Let’s say “Ei, Ei, Oh!”

But no one’s left there when she’s done.

Popura: Oh…

Soma: Sato, you look nice in that.

Sato: Don’t be kidding.

So, they finally get to start their own duties in a little different style from normal.

( to be continued )


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