All different kinds of OTAKU



Meanwhile Takanashi and his sister are coming back home from the hospital.

Nazuna: It’s getting dark.

Takanashi: Yeah, it was pretty crowded there. You look better now after having injection, don’t you?

Nazuna: Yes, I don’t like injection very much, though.

Takanashi: When we get home, you keep yourself warm and go to bed, OK?

Nazuna: Yes, I will.

Takanashi: ( I took a sudden day off today. I’m worried if the restaurant’s running right? Maybe I said too much to Inami the other day. )

Back in Wagnaria, guys are struggling to get over the rush hours. Soma is taking orders from male customers. Sato and Popura are running back and forth to serve dishes. The manager is checking out at the counter and Mahiru is finishing some sweets in the kitchen. Even though they aren’t used to doing other duties, they seem they’re doing pretty well.

Soma waves off a family with smiles at the entrance. Popura clears a spoiled dish on the floor that a child happened to tip over. Sato is fascinating a group of women without knowing himself when he’s taking orders from them. And, the most surprisingly, the manager seems to have been doing checkout duties without causing any trouble. Now, they’ve managed to get over the rush hours when Yachiyo arrived at Wagnaria to help them out.


Popura: Thank you!

Yachiyo: So, after all, Popura couldn’t handle the dining room solo, even though Kyoko helped in the counter.

Popura: Sorry, I did my best, though.

Yachiyo: Then Sato and Soma went out to help her.

They both seem pretty exhausted.

Yachiyo: Hey, Sato, smoking isn’t allowed in the kitchen you know!

Sato: Whatever.

Yachiyo: Oh, man. Then, you needed more hands in the kitchen so Mahiru came in, right?

Mahiru: Yes, I was too sorry to pass by.

Yachiyo: So, you all went round in the end.

Kyoko: With the less customers now, you weren’t needed to get back here anymore. Sorry, Yachiyo.

Yachiyo: Oh, don’t mention it!

Mahiru: I’m sorry! It’s all my fault!

She’s especially feeling the responsibilities for the series of trouble today.

Sato: Never mind.

Soma: You helped in the kitchen as well.

Sato: If you want to blame yourself, you’d better fix your androphobia soon.

Mahiru: Yes, I’m sorry! I will!

Soma: There, there. Don’t worry. He’s not mad at you. He was just embarrassed to go out in the customers… Ouch!

Sato just kicks his butt instead of his answer.

Yachiyo: I guess you had a hard time.

Kyoko: If we had Takanashi with us, we couldn’t have been running so late.

Takanashi: Um, good evening.

Just then, he turns up.

( to be continued )


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