All different kinds of OTAKU



Takanashi was worried about Wagnaria so he dropped by to make sure of them.

Popura: Oh, Katanashi! What’s the matter?

Takanashi: Since my sister’s gotten better, I thought I could come and help something.

Popura: You didn’t have to so worried about us. We managed to help ourselves pulling us together. Anyway, it’s good to hear your sister’s gotten better.

Takanashi: I’m sorry about the trouble. Here, I’ve got a gift for you.

Kyoko: You got it. I’ll forgive you!

She immediately takes it from him.

Takanashi: That’s not just for you but for all in here, right?

Mahiru walks up to him.

Takanashi: I’m sorry about the trouble, Inami. By the way, why are you wearing the kitchen uniform?

Mahiru: Uh, you know, I got several reasons.

Takanashi: Well, I’m sorry about the other day. I think I said too much to you.

Mahiru: Oh, not at all! I am sorry that I’m always hitting you, too.

Takanashi: Please go ahead so you can take your share before the manager get them all.

Mahiru: Yes, thanks.

Takanashi: Sato and Soma, I’m sorry about the trouble.

Soma: Don’t worry. You couldn’t help it when your sister’s sick, after all.

Takanashi: Then why are you two wearing the wait staff uniform?

Soma: Well, we had several reasons actually.

Takanashi: And Sato doesn’t look in a good mood?

Soma: Yeah, several reasons…

Sato just blows the smoke at his face instead of answering him.

Soma: “Coughing” ( Sato, he’s a really nice guy. He doesn’t want to take his anger out on either the girls or Takanashi. I’m surprised he really hated to do the waiting duties. )

Maybe Sato could be a wonderful waiter with his cool face, though it’d be the least to happen.


Trailer segment.

Takanashi: The next episode. It will be your turn, my sisters.

Izumi: I’m a bit afraid, Souchan.

Takanashi: Why?

Izumi: I’m worn out before my deadline and my room’s messy, too.

Takanashi: Don’t worry. You couldn’t be worse than Kozue anyway.

Izumi: Hm?

Takanashi: The next episode is “The melancholy of Sota – Women in Takanashi’s family”

Izumi: I’ll do my best.


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