All different kinds of OTAKU



“The melancholy of Sota – Women in Takanashi’s family”

Today it starts with an old videotape that was recorded by their father 12 years ago. First he steps into his 1st daughter’s room.

Kazue(19): Hey, please don’t bother me. I’m studying right now.

Apparently she was already a hard worker at that time. Next, he comes to the living room where his 2nd daughter who’s reading a book in the sofa.

Izumi(16): Hm?

She looks wondering why her father is recoding this. Then his 3rd daughter comes back home.

Kozue(13): I’m home!

Souta(4) : Welcome back, Kozue! What’s that?

Izumi: Welcome back.

He runs up to Kozue and asks about a stuffed animal in her hand.

Kozue: Souchan (Takanashi’s nick name), you’re always given our used things so I got a new stuffed animal for you.

Souta: Wow, thank you, Kozue!

His 4th daughter, no, his only son in their family is very pleased with the present. But, the thing is he looks like nothing but a cute girl with the hand-me-down frilled dress. By the way, Nazuna(0) was still a baby back then and crawling on the floor.

Souta: Look! What a cute rabbit!

Back to the present, all of Takanashi’s sisters are getting together in the living room so they can appreciate their cute young sis…, no, brother who’s smiling to them in the videotape.

Takanashi: Don’t watch it silently!

He is never happy with his embarrassing videotape.

( to be continued )


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