All different kinds of OTAKU



Takanashi’s sisters are enjoying their brother’s videotape which was recorded when he was very small.

Kozue: You used to be so cute, Sota.

Takanashi: It’d be a problem if I’m still the same! What the heck. Why don’t you throw away those collections now?

Kazue: No way. They were taken by Dad before he dies. It’s almost our remembrance of him, although he himself isn’t seen in it at all.

Nazuna: You’ve got lots of your own videotapes, right?

Kazue: Maybe Dad especially loved his first son.

Takanashi: ( Then I wish I had been raised like a man. )

Izumi: You should have grown up like a woman.

Takanashi: What do you mean?

Izumi: You know, I desperately need a hint for a lover story.

Takanashi: So you’ve been stuck again?

Izumi: Despite all these sisters, Kozue switches one boyfriend after another, Nazuna is still a schoolgirl and Kazue is divorced and lives back with us again.

Kazue: It takes one to know one!

She starts fighting with Izumi who’s maybe most away from romance.

Takanashi: Sure it is. No matter how many sisters in our family, they couldn’t be any help for a love story. ( Speaking of the number of women, there’s been a lot in here, too. )

He realizes it’s true for Wagnaria, too.

( to be continued )


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