All different kinds of OTAKU



Today is March 14th. It’s called White Day in Japan that a man who was given a present at Valentine’s Day gives something back to the woman. And so it is at Wagnaria.

Sato: Thank you back in February. Since Soma is on day off today, it’s from both of us to you.

He gives her a small package.

Yachiyo: Oh, thank you! I’m happy! So, is it something to eat?

Sato: No, I’m afraid you couldn’t give it to the manager.

He looks very scary.

Yachiyo: Oh, I didn’t mean it!

Actually she did.

Yachiyo: I’ve already got something for Kyoko.

Sato: Didn’t you give her chocolate for Valentine’s Day, even though she’s a woman?

Yachiyo: Because she’s cooler than men.

Sato: Then why don’t you get something from her today?

Yachiyo: Oh, man. She’s a lady, right?

Sato: ( She doesn’t understand Japanese… )

There’s Takanashi outside who’s been hesitating to enter the staffroom for a while.

Takanashi: ( Sato, he’s having a difficult time again. )


Then he comes to Popura with a large package.

Takanashi: Senpai.

Popura: Yes?

Takanashi: Thank you for the last month. Here, it’s my gift for you.

Popura: Oh, thank you! It’s very nice of you! You didn’t have to be so concerned.

Takanashi: “Laughing” Senpai, you sound like a middle-aged woman!

Popura: Hey, I’m not middle-aged!

Takanashi: Oh, sorry. You’re still a child, petit and cute.

Popura: I’m not a child! You’re mean!

Takanashi: “Laughing” ( She’s so cute! )


After enjoying sweet Popura, he comes to Mahiru to give her a present, too.

Mahiru: What? A return gift?

Takanashi: Yes. Thank you, too, Inami.

Mahiru: Uh, sorry about your hassle. Hey, you’re too far! You aren’t handing it to me really!

Actually he’s talking to her in some meters away.

Takanashi: But I don’t want to be hit.

Mahiru: You aren’t throwing it to me anyway, are you?

Takanashi: No, that would be rude.

He takes out a toy hand made by a master craftsman, ¥3,980 tax-in, only 100 limited.

Takanashi: I got it on shopping channels. Here you go, I did hand it to you.

He pinches the present with the toy hand and gives it to her. She’s a bit surprised at the wired way.

Mahiru: …I should be thankful to your work for me anyway…

She opens the package.

Mahiru: Oh, it’s a lot of hair pins!

Takanashi: Yes, I heard you were changing them every day so please add them to your collections, too.

Mahiru: Uh, this…

Against his expectations, she seems to be confused at his present.

Takanashi: Ah, sorry, you didn’t like it?

Mahiru: This… should I use it or kept it carefully?!

She gets pretty upset how to deal with his present.

Takanashi: W- Whichever you like.

Mahiru: Uh, sorry about being upset. I’ve never had such a present.

Takanashi: Well, take it easy.

Mahiru: Taking the middle, I’ll save it for a while then use!

She ends up running away.

Takanashi: To see her being that happy, I’m a bit self-conscious.

It seems his present worked very well for her.

( to be continued )


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