All different kinds of OTAKU



Mahiru is just back home after working at Wagnaria.

Mahiru’s mother: Ah, welcome back, Mahiru.

Mahiru: I… I’m home.

Mom: Oh, what’s that?

She sees Mahiru have some package in her hands.

Mahiru: Um, this…

Mom: Maybe a return gift for White Day?

Mahiru: Yes, I had plenty.

Mom: Oh, dear. It was very good for you. Wow, it’s so cute!

Mahiru: What should I do with it?

Mom: Why don’t you just put it on?

Mahiru: But, don’t I look too exited if I put it on the very next day?

Mom: No, you won’t.

Mahiru: And what if I drop and miss it…, though I’ve got such a cute one…

Mom: Hmm?

Mahiru: A… anyway, I’ll first store it away!

She runs upstairs.

Mom: She looks so happy.


Back to Takanashi’s family, Kazue is knocking on the door of Izumi’s room.

Kazue: It’s time you came out. I’m coming in, OK?

As she opens the door, tons of paper flood out of the room with Izumi on top of that.

Kazue: What happened?!

Izumi: Since you told me to do my own business, I tried to clean up the room but it ended up rather messing…

Kazue: Hey, how old are you, Izumi?

Izumi: 28. Why?

Kazue: Um, don’t mind. ( Is she really all right?! )

She can’t help being worried about her sobbing sister.

Kazue: “Sigh” All right. Forget what I said to you. I was wrong.

She’s patting on her sister’s head.

Izumi: Kazue…?

Kazue: You know, you should learn about taking a break or a pastime so you won’t get too obsessed.

Izumi: But my work…

Kazue: Watching TV, going out the city, listening to people, you might be able to find any ideas at any places, right?

Izumi: Then could it be a hint of love story that your miserable and hopeless life until you got divorced?

Whether or not she meant it, this time her harsh words gets to Kozue. She pulls her hair roughly.

Izumi: You got angry!

Kazue: You deserve it! What a sister!

Takanashi: …Be nice to each other.

It’s not easy for him to get easy at home.

( to be continued )


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