All different kinds of OTAKU



One day at Wagnaria, Takanashi is wiping dishes.

Takanashi: “Sigh”

Yachiyo: ( What’s the matter with him? He doesn’t look happy. )

She’s a bit worried about him.

Takanashi: I’m strapped. What should I do?

He talks to himself.

Yachiyo: ( Ah, no matter how independent he is, he’s still a high school student, after all. He should want to buy lots of things but his wage isn’t enough. )

Her guess is as good as the next guy, though…

Takanashi: It’s gonna be a hard month… with our family budget.

Yachiyo: ( A family budget?! )

She’s surprised at his not-teenage-like worries.

Back at home, he’s calculating this month’s budget again.

Takanashi: I knew it. It’ll short by all means. “Sigh” With no stock in my house, we still have 5 days left this month. How can we get it over?

Kozue: Oh, boy. You lose money as you spent too freely. Be more careful!

He won’t stand for her just drinking beers in the sofa.

Takanashi: For your binge with our budget, huh!?

Kozue: But I got rejected many times this month and I’ve used up all my pay, too.

Takanashi: Whatever!

Leaving the lazy sister alone, he goes back to managing their house budget.

Takanashi: Even if I asked Kazue, she’d never give me any more than that is assigned to a month. Izumi is also locked up in her room before her dead line. “Sigh” No choice. I’ve got to take some money from my own account.


As he stands up for the bank, his younger sister appears.

Nazuna: Hey, brother!

Takanashi: Yes?

Nazuna: We’ve got money here.

Takanashi: What?

Nazuna: Here you go.

Takanashi: Oh, but how did you get it?

Nazuna: I asked Kazue and she gave me it.

Takanashi: What?! ( What a youngest child… ) Thank you, Nazuna…

Nazuna: You know what, those alcohols for Kozue, she doesn’t care what kind they are so you can save money by getting her cheaper ones in bulk.

She speaks to him in a soft voice so Kozue wouldn’t listen to their conversation.

Nazuna: As a 6 grade student, I grew up fast so I can help you!

Even 12 years old, she’s already been in the same height with him who’s around 170 cm.

Takanashi: Yeah, you’ve sure grown up. I even feel like crying…

Nazuna: So you can depend on me more!

Takanashi: Oh, thanks for me, Nazuna…

Nazuna: I’ve already had my sisters wrapped around my little finger, too!

He’s very shocked at her potential.

Takanashi: Well… ( As it’s going, my sister should be a bad woman for me! )

He got a little fear for his little sister in the future.

( to be continued )


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