All different kinds of OTAKU



Nazuna was easy to get some money from Kazue for Sota. He was glad but a bit scared of her talent for manipulating people at the same time.

Takanashi: I won’t think of it for now.

As he’s getting ready to go out, Kozue comes to the entrance.

Kozue: Where are you going, Sota?

Takanashi: I’m just going to buy something.

Kozue: Then please get some alcohol for me, too!

Takanashi: Go buy yourself!

Kozue: Why not?!

Takanashi: You need even more?!

Kozue: If not, I can’t tolerate it!

Takanashi: Oh, no…

Then Izumi stick out her face through the door.

Izumi: Souchan.

Takanashi: Izumi?

Izumi: Well, could you help me cleaning my room after dinner, please?

Takanashi: All right.

Izumi: Thank you.

Kozue: Hey, why are you so nice to only Izumi! You fool, Sota!

Getting pretty upset, she walks away.

Takanashi: What’s that? She’s pretty drunk today.

Izumi: Please don’t blame Kozue, Souchan. She just hates being alone so take as much care of her as you do for me.

Takanashi: ( As much what? I’m not her mother… )

In the meantime Kozue is just breaking into Takanashi’s room by breaking the door.

Kozue: Humph, meanie Sota! Now I might as well totally get hated by him! I’ll destroy all his favorite tiny things… Hm? I thought it’d be stuffed with cute things in his room but it’s pretty usual.

She finds a stuffed animal on his desk.

Kozue: This is the bunny I gave him long ago. Is it the only one in his room? He’s only placing this. Maybe he loves me so much…?

She remembers when she gave him this bunny. He said he loved her so much.

She gently strokes the bunny before she goes out.

( to be continued )


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