All different kinds of OTAKU



Having done some shopping for Mahiru, Takanashi decided to walk her home. He’s leading her with a toy hand since she can’t touch men’s hand.

Takanashi: ( I didn’t think she’d actually hold it… )

In fact, both of them are feeling like they should look fool. Then, they happen to meet Kazue.

Kazue: Sota?

Takanashi: Are you on the way home now, Kazue?

Kazue: Yeah. Who’s she?

Takanashi: She’s one of my co-worker. I met her on the way to the supermarket so I was just walking her home.

Mahiru is pretty nervous in front of his sister.

Kazue: That was very nice of you but, well, how are you related to her?

She’s confused at the toy hand which is connecting them.

Takanashi: Didn’t I just tell you?

Kazue: Is some strange communication catching on at your work place?

Mahiru: G… good evening. I’m Mahiru Inami.

She gets up the nerve to say hello.

Kazue: Hi, polite girl. Nice to meet you. I’m Kazue, his sister. Thank you for being nice to my brother.

Mahiru: ( Takanashi’s sister… large… )

She means both her height and breasts.


Mahiru: ( His other sister I’ve met before was also large. I’m so nervous. ) Um, t- thank you for always “assaulting” him, too…

She’s just too nervous to speak normally, though it is pretty shock to Takanashi and Kazue.

Kozue: A- assault…?!

Mahiru: Oh, I’m sorry it wasn’t true! I just meant to say I’m always helped by him! Um, you know, I’ve never assaulted…

Kozue: Hm??

Mahiru: I’m sorry, I’m assaulting him actually!

She doesn’t just want to tell her a lie but it’s sure making the situation worse.

Takanashi: Please be quiet, Inami!

Kozue: Hey, come on, Sota.

She’s pretty upset to grab his neck.

Kozue: What is all about of this?! She said she assaulted… how are you related to her, after all?!

Takanashi: Oh, no, you’re completely wrong about this, though I’m actually assaulted but it’s just out of her tendency…

Kozue: I didn’t let you go to work so you enjoy illicit sexual relationship!

She kicks him down.

Mahiru: ( Is she taking it all wrong?! )

Takanashi: Ugh, like I said you’re wrong about this! She can’t just stop hitting men because of her androphobia!

Kozue: Ah, that kind of assault. That’s no problem then.

Mahiru: ( No problem? )

Kozue: In that case, you can hit him to your heart’s content. He’s pretty tough.

She says even smiling at Mahiru.

Mahiru: ( He seems he’s having a hard time in his family, too. I’m sorry, Takanashi! )

She can’t help feeling sorry for him.

( to be continued )


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