All different kinds of OTAKU



While Takanashi was walking Mahiru home, they met his sister Kazue. They walked home together in the end.

Mahiru: Uh, my home’s near here so I’m OK.

She releases the toy hand.

Takanashi: All right.

Kazue: Take care.

Mahiru: Yes, thank you.

Takanashi: Oh, do you want an apple? I bought plenty since they were on sale. Here you go.

He gives her an apple using the toy hand.

Mahiru: T- Thank you.

Then she notices her putting on an apple like hairpin today. She knows he might have been realized it, too.

Takanashi: See you at work.

When they get back home, Kozue is pretty happy to run up to him.

Kozue: Sota!

Takanashi: Hm?

She suddenly holds his hands.

Kozue: I’m sorry, Sota. I’ve been all wrong about you, sorry.

She doesn’t look like herself.

Takanashi: Are you all right, Kozue?! Are you drunk or sick? You should go to the hospital if you don’t feel well!

Nazuna: Welcome back, brother! Oh, you were also with him, Kazue?

Kazue: Yeah, we met by chance.

She finds what he bought on the table.

Nazuna: Oh, 3 packs of economy Sake. ( It’s great, brother! )

Izumi: I’m just running out of those manuscript paper and inks.

Nazuna: Good for you, Izumi.

Kozue: I love you, Sota, too!

Takanashi: You haven’t been yourself, Kozue!

She stop her from hugging and kissing him.

Kozue: Oh, Sota!

Kazue: Get ready for dinner quick, please?

Izumi: Thank you for getting me the paper, Souchan.

In any case, it is sure he’s loved very much by all these sisters.

At Inami’s home, she’s waiting for dinner in the living room.

Mahiru’s mother: Mahiru, you know…

Mahiru: Yes, mom?

Her mother finds an apple on the table. She looks at the apple and Mahiru’s hair pin in turns.

Mother: Well, never mind. Dinner is ready soon.

Mahiru: Hmm?

Her mother knows there was something happy happened to Mahiru on her way shopping today.

Back in Takanashi’s home, he’s fixing his room’s door that was broken by Kozue.

Takanashi: Oh, no. Why did Kozue break the door?

Nazuna: There are few cute things in your room.

She’s been to his room for some reason.

Takanashi: Yeah, when I was little, I had my favorite bunny worn out by dragging it everywhere. Since then, I’ve been keeping everything but the bunny in safe so they won’t get dirty anymore.

Nazuna: Oh, I see.

Takanashi: Here, does this dictionary help?

Nazuna: Yes, thank you, brother! So, you’ve been displaying only her?

Takanashi: Yeah, it was my favorite.


The trailer segment.

Takanashi: The next episode is – this is huge, senpai!

Popura: What’s up, Katanashi?!

Takanashi: Mr. Otoh is coming back!

Popura: Oh, he is.

Takanashi: And he seems to have brought back a girl as a souvenir.

Popura: A girl?!

Takanashi: The next episode is “Otoh after a long time + a new hire = Yamada?!” Ugh, here’s another trouble…


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